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Star Trek Discovery – My Take

May 1, 2019

I love Star Trek, and the concept of Star Trek. Star Trek Discovery is an oddly mixed bag.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Be warned! Warp away if you haven’t seen it and plan to.

See the source image

Does this make anyone else’s eye hurt?

Let me be up front: I hate the ship’s exterior, love the interior. My initial assessment was this is great! It isn’t Star Trek, but it’s great!

We have spore drive, weird Klingons, unseen alien races, and Spock has a sister? What? The technology is so much more advanced than we see on the prime universe’s Enterprise (the Original Series, and of course it is, we’re far more advanced than they were in the 60’s) but I’m talking about unheard of technology, non-Trek technology.

Be that as it may, great stuff, just not Star Trek. The Orville has more in common with Star Trek than Discovery.

Great writing, though, except when it stank. Great new characters, except when they weren’t.

Michael Burnham: Fascinating character, a little too earnest for me, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Great Captains: The first season captain, and the second season Pike (Best. Pike. Ever.)

Cadet/Ensign Tilly: Today’s sensitive new Burbank champions inclusivity with the plump Tilly, but more power to them for creating a great character. She’d be a Mary Sue if she wasn’t in the first episode. Stand-out character.

Saru: Eh.

Spock: OK, I thought Vulcans couldn’t grow facial hair (except for the Mirror Universe species). Very clever, they showed us a flashback of the first episode of the original Star Trek, where Spock was emotional, which helps explains this Spock’s intensity. He’s a far better Spock than Quinto in the movies.

Sarek: Um, conflicted much? Sweet and tender to his adopted daughter, estranged still from Spock? This is not the Sarek of TOS. No amount of handwaving fixes that.

Other than the assaults on canon, and over-dwelling on Michael’s angst-ridden face, I enjoyed Discovery (not so much the Klingons), before screaming at the TV and throwing metaphorical popcorn at the screen in the final season 2 episode.

The talking heads killed me and probably a lot of other people in the show (see here).

Then the hand-waving made me go, “huh?”

The jump into the future is intriguing, but the gag-order on the remaining few and Enterprise crew? Spock never being able to talk about his sister, the suppression of spore drive and holography (I missed the reason for this, anyone know?)… I’m supposed to believe Starfleet can put a genie back in a bottle? That a conspiracy of this size is possible? That forbidden tech doesn’t ever pop up again? These are too far nuts to believe.

But I’ll happily tune into season 3.

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