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The 2020 Giveaways Begin!

June 21, 2019

As the presidential season kicks off, we’ll be seeing a lot of pandering. This is what got the Republican party in trouble as the less-government party became another big-government party, but the Dems are still the champions. We’ll be hearing free-this and free-that.

Free college (and loan forgiveness) is being trotted out by the Dem hopefuls. First, there is no free. “How will you pay for that?”  Tax the rich! Warren includes 2-year, 4-year, and technical colleges. Cast your mind back on high school. You had some good students, a lot of bad students, partiers, stoners, and worse… Now high school is extended up to 4 more years in college. Quality will drop, no one will fail because that would dry up that government funding (I mean, that’s even easier than government loans and financial aid. Just tell the government the number of students and get your green!)

One of the appealing things about college was the ability to put real life off for a while. I admit it. It was great. So was getting away from all the high school deadweights (not the way I feel about them now, but at the time…). Now they’ll come with you! Worse, the peer pressure you caved to in high school and got away from in college will just follow you there. The second chance you used to get evaporates.

Free college and loan forgiveness – there’s a lock on the young people’s vote, who may quickly change their mind if it happens.

Free Healthcare: I’m actually ok with some of that. Free catastrophic, yes, free everything? No. We have to have skin in the game. Rolling HSA with contributions from employers and the citizen, so routine medicine is paid out of pocket. HAS can build up pretty quickly.

All this Free-Free-Free stuff removes sweat-equity, which is vital to success.

One candidate wants to pay for votes by promising $1000 a month to every American, paid through taxes. So, they’ll give money to take money away. The idea came from the Fair Tax without the actual Tax change that makes tax transparent. All that would really do is raise the cost of living an additional $1000 a month.

Republicans don’t generally offer money, they appeal to personality, anger, and fear (anger and fear are both party’s tools, but Reps are better at it).

So, what do we do?  Consider the consequences. I’m not fond of the Wall idea, but the consequences are reduced human trafficking, fewer dangerous illegal aliens (sorry, I can’t call the Undocumented Workers because not all of them are workers), reduced loss of unpaid services. The question is, how much will it cost? Are there alternatives?

What I would love to see in the debates is the candidates clearly answering policy issues. How would you solve xxxxxx? Then follow up on all sides of the answer. Cost, impact, results, and buzzers for when they stray off topic.

Grab your noisy popcorn and let’s go, 2020!

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