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The Evil Axis

November 20, 2010

What wonderful sleight of hand politicians and pundits have distracted us with. “Right” and “Left” to stand for supposedly opposing parties.

Ridiculous. They are virtually the same.

“Right” and “Left” make up the y-axis of politics, and it’s practically meaningless. It’s the x-axis that is important.

The x-axis is Tyranny at the top and Anarchy at the bottom (thank you, Mr. Wells, for the reminder).

Snap the y-axis in half and fold them up. You’ll find the Left and Right both hang out way too close to the Tyranny top. The Right would have you believe they want small government. Balderdash.

Perhaps we have gone too far to back up now. The aim should be simple laws, basic programs, and empowerment to people and companies. No “free lunch” entitlements. I’m not saying people don’t need help, they do. But if the program doesn’t have empowerment at the core, rethink it. Welfare recipients need to attend skills training classes or work to contribute to society and improve their ability to make a living.

Every person receiving any sort of help from the government should have to pass drug tests. Users don’t ride for free.

No program is going to make schools better. No Kid Left Behind was horrible. The only program that has any hope of helping is something that makes parents involved. Don’t let school be an institutional babysitter.

IF we’re going to keep this evil tax structure, give research and lab companies tax breaks to do the scientific studies the government continually funds without doing the due diligence to see if they’re worthy.

Give tax breaks to companies who fund the Arts and get rid of the NEA.

Beef up our unmanned warmaking capabilities and focus on getting people off the front line. The only time people should be fighting is to directly defend our country and no one else’s. For them, they get drones and robots controlled from here.

Reduce the number of laws by 75%. Privatize the Post Office to a non-profit with decent oversight.

The goal is never to get to Anarchy, of course, but is should be somewhere in the middle to just under middle, not climbing steadily to Tyranny.

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