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A Bill of Responsibility?

April 22, 2021

I love the forethought of the Bill of Rights. The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, while not original, show tremendous forethought. Consider them (Simplified):

The Bible takes a different approach with the Ten Commandments, which serve as a Bill of Responsibility, you might say. A few of those apply in contrast to the Bill of Rights, but perhaps we need an aligned Bill of Responsibility. Such as:

  1. Check your facts, speak kindly, report responsibly, tolerate (not agree) with everyone, protest peacefully.
  2. Thou shalt not kill. (Excepting self-defense, war, and martial force when necessary, and arguably, capital punishment (which I disagree with if we can’t do it well, but darn it, some people need killin’!). Get training, use your head.
  3. No mandatory quartering, but be hospitable when you can and even when you can’t with friends, family, and the needy.
  4. Don’t keep things that are illegal!
  5. Be respectful of an admittedly flawed justice system, but still the best in the world. Serve willingly on juries. Be fair and impartial. Don’t lie, and use the 5th when you need to.
  6. Don’t be a criminal.
  7. See #6.
  8. Be glad you live here.
  9. Don’t make up rights that require the labor of others. Rights are individual.
  10. YES! Follow this amendment, politicians! The closer the solution is to the problem, the more effective. The further the solution from the problem, inefficiency, pork, graft, and uselessness grow exponentially!

You’d think this would all be obvious, yet clearly we struggle with it.

[And just to rile the world: The 2nd Amendment is not about establishing a militia. That comma sets that off as “Because there is a well-regulated militia” you may be armed. Every other amendment contrasts “people” and “government” and militia is government as used here. So our right to be armed because of an armed government cannot be infringed. This amendment is about self-defense and rogue-government prevention (not with a fire-fight but because an armed public makes government bad guys leery).]

And: All Amendments are equal, but the 1st is my favorite!

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