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Flat Frogs & Morning Walks

April 1, 2021

Morning walk with the pups is like striding through a minefield right now. It’s frog season, and not the fun Florida frogs but the illegal alien Cuban Frogs, which are an invasive species and have a knack for getting run over. Our street is a curious mash of creamed frog, which we find disgusting and the dogs find riveting, and flat frogs. Those are frogs run over so often, and ants or whatever having carted the juicy stuff away, that the frog skin completely merged with the concrete. There is no discernable edge. I haven’t tried, but I doubt I could peal it up, it seems to be a permanent feature of the road.

And the dogs couldn’t care less. The mangled they love and they don’t even notice the flat frogs.

Far too many people’s lives are flat frogs. They leave no discernable presence on the planet. In old photos, no one knows who they are.

FlatFrog | LinkedIn

Such people come in a couple varieties.

  1. People intentionally trying to go unnoticed. Typically related to fear, be that shyness, impostor syndrome, or lack of personal faith in themselves.
  2. People who intentionally want to be left alone. Typically rooted in selfishness, these people don’t recognize they are part of a society and want to be left alone. Forever. And they will be.

We don’t often think about the need to contribute. We have our own lives, and for some of us blessed to have family, investing in others is second nature, but after the kids have gone, after no one expects anything from you, it is so easy to sink into complacency. With Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, ESPN, and so many other entertainments, the couch can become our personal street that we flatten into.

I read an article written by a pastor asked to perform the funeral eulogy for a local man. The pastor asked his neighbors for stories. They had none. No one even knew his name. He talked to his co-workers. No one knew what department he worked in. He had no family. The person who asked for the eulogy was the delivery person who discovered he was dead. She called the police, followed up because she’s a caring person, and no one had claimed the body. No heirs, no family, no friends, no co-worker relationships. The guy was the flattest of frogs. The pastor considered having fun with it and making up daring stories about the man, but instead delivered a dour eulogy. There was only one person in attendance, the delivery woman. They cried together afterward not because he was dead, but because he had never truly lived.

What kind of person are you? Not to be morbid, but who would attend your funeral? Would anyone be willing to travel to make it? Or would your “friends” think, “looks like rain, we’ll pay our respects later”?

We shouldn’t live our lives for attention. We should live to care, to invest, to contribute, to make a difference in other people’s lives. What are you doing?

Don’t be a flat frog.

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  1. April 1, 2021 10:31 am

    This is so good.

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