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Batwoman Review

October 14, 2019

Let me be up front here. I don’t care about an actor’s personal life, just what I see on the screen. All you Brie Larsen haters and Ruby Rose haters, bleh.

Batwoman premiered recently and I watched it because I like comics. Yes, I knew Kate Kane is gay, again, don’t care, I have a fast-forward button for the stuff I don’t want to see.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised. The concept is close to the comics, the story interesting (although Alice really pales to the comics version), most of the actors are OK to good.

Set’s were strong, loved the costumes (and by that I mean what people wore, not just superhero garb). I liked that the suit wasn’t the red and black one yet. Just cutting down Batman’s into a female version would have been time consuming. I have to admit, the fact that this suit is rubber is off-putting. Talk about sweltering!

See the source image
She did not wear this. And even though the hair is fake, am I the only one who thinks obscuring your vision is a bad idea in a fight?

The flaw (other than the moral stuff that’s my problem, not yours)? Ruby Rose was pretty bad. And by that I mean, she’s pretty, looks the part, but is so wooden as to elevate stoic to unheard-of levels. A little nuance would help.

This is the first costume, and when I say “Hot” I mean blazingly sweaty hot, not that horrid term for pretty women.

Then I remember Mighty Joe Young, which may have been Charlize Theron’s first film. She was beautifully awful, and by that I mean gorgeous but simply horrible. I mean she was bad. Worse than an untalented middle-schooler performing Hamlet. Bad, bad, bad. (I still wanted to see her as Supergirl, though, so sue me.)

And yet look at her now. She took some acting lessons somewhere from someone who knew what he/she was doing! Theron is one of Hollywood’s best actors now.

I also remember the first season of Barney Miller, where Hal Linden laid the Jewish accent on way too thick, but he relaxed into the role and headed one of the best comedies on TV.

All that to say, give Rose a chance. She’ll get better. And keep the fast-forward button handy for the icky parts (note to those easily offended, I include straight stuff in the icky category. Don’t wanna see smooching or more of any kind).

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