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Accusations aren’t Actionable

July 9, 2019

I haven’t seen Leaving Neverland, the smear-movie about Michael Jackson after his death, when he couldn’t combat it. Two men claim Michael Jackson abused them when they were kids.

As a result of this documentary, some radio stations are pulling Jackson’s music from the playlist.

I’m sure you can think of several other people who’s lives were altered due to baseless accusations. It seems to be happening a lot these days in the political realm and entertainment fields.

“Wait,” you say, “Jackson paid these men settlements to keep it out of court. That’s an admission of guilt!”  Except it isn’t. Court costs are mountainous. Was he worried about money? Was he afraid of a verdict?  We don’t know. Either could be true. The fact is, the families accepted the settlement. Because they were money-grubbers? Because they didn’t want to drag these guys through the court process? Either could be true.

The problem is, no trial, no conviction, so we know nothing. Did he abuse them? Macaulay Culkin says no, it didn’t happen.

Talk to the Glove

Understand, a conviction doesn’t really mean he did it, just that a jury believed he did. Yet that’s our certainty. Ideally, it’s based on evidence, not just a gut feel of the jurors. Innocent men are convicted far too often, but at least it’s more certain than an accusation.

Bill Cosby is a bad dude. Michael Jackson?

His daughter, who I didn’t know even existed before I saw her Tweet on this. I can’t speak to anything about her except the wisdom of her Tweet. [Paraphrased] “My father was screwed up, who wouldn’t be with his background? As for the accusations against him? Ignore them, I do.”

OK, that was beyond paraphrasing, but it had to do with her ignoring the negative voices. Bless her, that’s wisdom.

Michael Jackson had a crazy upbringing. He was a psychological mess, who also happened to be the most talented, skilled, and amazing artist who has existed in this or the last century.

Please be careful what you believe about people. Accusations are paper. Convictions may not be stone or steal, but they’re what we’ve got. Hater’s gotta hate? In the words of the Prince of Pop, “Beat it!”

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  1. July 11, 2019 9:08 am

    Very good post. Negativity does spread like wildfire.

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