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Pogo Memories

December 21, 2018

Back in the dangerous years, before the Internet could spread hysteria, there were… Pogo Sticks. A co-worker sent me a bouncing Christmas tree emoji, and my brain went to the long ago memories stored deeply in my subconscious.

My sister was a wizard on that thing. She could boing all over the place. Alas, I could not. Fragile hip and all. She had such fun with it. Probably good exercise. I would watch with envy.¬† Probably, if I could have pogoed, I’d have been this kid:

Today, I went looking for images, and I was pleased to see Pogo Sticks still exist. All the photos of kids now were in helmets, elbow pads, kneepads, and probably force fields. Katie happily bounced away in jeans and tee-shirt and she’s done all right.

Of course, back then you’d think no one ever got hurt. Of course they did, but we never heard about it. No Internet. No every scratch is a potential law suit and bad press for companies. Perhaps it’s for the best. It was never us who got hurt, but it could have been. If parents want to protect their kids, who am I to say they shouldn’t. I admit to not being happy when I was told my kids had to wear helmets when they road, but again, if they’d been hurt…

Then there’s these:

See the source image

Pogo Shoes. Because even nerd get sporty.

Now I’m of the age where getting out of bed can pull something. I draw the line at wearing safety pads to bed, though.


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  1. December 21, 2018 1:17 pm

    I had a pogo stick and I must admit, it’s a wonder I didn’t break my neck. I was never very coordinated. Maybe my parents were trying to develop my physical fitness. It didn’t work. The pogo stick was fun, but only for a short while. I’m sure if the helmet thing was a part of that era, nobody would have worn them.

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