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Falling Prey to an Out-Dated Paradigm

December 18, 2018

I think I’ve spoken about technology undoing old conventions or paradigms, particularly the convention of discouraging my kids from taking indiscriminate photos with their phone, or speaking on the phone for a long time. My old conventions say you take few photos to conserve film, and you don’t talk for a long time because you tie up the only phone line.

See the source image


I’ve run afoul of phone conventions again.

In the old days, if you called someone, their land-line rang. If they’re speaking on the phone, you get a busy signal. If you got no answer, no one was home (few let it ring).

I admit to getting frustrated with my wife when I call and she doesn’t answer, inevitably followed by why did I get her a cellphone?

Technology undoes us a bit. She might not have the ringer on. She might not hear it. She might not be near it.

Yet my expectations are based around landlines, which we gave up long ago.  If it rings through, she may be on the phone (no more busy signal).

Typically, this isn’t a problem because I prefer to text. But the old convention kicks in when I call.


Something else to relearn. (I still struggle with someone talking on the phone for a long time, even though in person they’d be talking a long time; I also eschew the modern need to photograph EVERYTHING).

I’m often reminded I’m a dinosaur.

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