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Turn it Around

November 6, 2018

Roughly 50% of eligible voters in America don’t vote. Millions of eligible voters never register to vote.

Their chief reason: It won’t make a difference anyway.

Imagine if 100% of eligible voters actually cast ballots. What would happen? They could provide a landslide win to someone who had no hope of winning (like my guy for Governor). We wouldn’t be limited to two parties, either. You think non-voters actually follow parties? If they were to be activated, they’d spring for Libertarian, Constitution, Communist, Socialist, Green… not all I support, of course, but will of the people, man!

Who are the people who don’t vote?

  • The infirm elderly is a tiny percentage. Most elderly know how important voting is and if they can’t get out will make sure to get an absentee ballot.
  • Students – high school and college. This floors me. They complain about income inequality, student loan debt, rights for every made-up category they can think of… yet don’t vote.
  • People in poverty because of learned helplessness, inability to plan, or other sad reasons.
  • People too busy with their businesses to vote… ignoring that the wrong candidate in office will wreck their business.
  • Lazy people. People who don’t know how to plan. People who can’t be bothered.

Image result for vote or shut up

Most of these groups could swing the tide a different direction if they chose to vote.  Frightening as it is, the school-age vote alone could have put Bernie in the White House.

So, what can be done?

We can’t make failure to vote illegal, since free speech allows people to be as dumb as they want.

We can’t even prevent people from complaining when they’re one of the reasons there’s a problem, because free speech again.

In the instances where I’m talking to a would-be rebel, I can’t ask them if they voted and ignore them if they say “no” because I’m polite and have to love even stupid people by listening to them rant.

I have people at church I admire. I love their hearts, I love their children, I love their smiles. If they were citizens THEY WOULD VOTE. Why do people outside our country get the importance of voting while half of us can’t be bothered?

Vote. (I’m too polite to say, “Vote or SHUT UP!” so I won’t.)


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