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Moody Blues

February 2, 2018

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by mood rings. I had one that was a silver band and a big moody bubble on top.

It was always black.

Black, according to the lore, was depression. It was also poor circulation and reacting to the outside temperature as well as your temperature.

Image result for mood ring

Remarkably like my old mood ring.  No wonder it went in a box.

Mood rings are supposed to be attuned to your state of mind, but it was really clued in to your heat. A mood ring is constructed from thermochromatic crystals. They change color based on temperature. Black is cold (it isn’t really black, it’s infrared, which we can’t see, so it’s black to us), red is angry, orange is simmering, yellow is mellow, blue is HAPPY.

I was always black.  In truth, I was skinny and had no fat or muscle in my fingers so they were always cold. But, yes, it was still accurate. I was a melancholy child.

And the ring was gaudy and uncomfortable, so it went quietly into a box.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Amazon Add-Ons. They’re cheap little things that you can add to your order. A few weeks ago, there were add-on mood rings. A dozen of ‘em, and they weren’t gaudy bubbles, but attractive bands. I figured they might be fun for my Sunday School kids.

But one of them fit me. Most were very small. I’m blessed (?) with small fingers, though, so it fits the ring finger of my right hand, except in the morning. My fingers swell at night and the ring is a half-a-size too small for morning wear (the left hand is taken and will be forever – I wear my Dad’s gold wedding ring now, and I am amazed it is the perfect size, all day and night).

Now my mood ring is always blue.  That’s because I live in Florida, have a very little fat on my fingers and slightly high blood pressure. Occasionally, it will slip towards green and lately, in the cold, to yellow, but there are always streaks of blue.

The new one. Purty.

And it’s true, mood wise. While I will always ride just a little higher than emotionless, that emotion is joy. I have very few detractors in my life and a typically bright sun in the sky (as opposed to grey, drizzly blankets in Seattle). I’ve relaunched my publishing company to a wider market, feeding my spiritual gift, and my family is wonderful (my dogs smell, but they just need a bath and better hygiene habits; and my pool is green… hmmm, maybe I have a mood pool), but life is grand.

Why not have a ring that says so?



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  1. February 2, 2018 7:36 pm

    It’s nice to be able to wear our moods on our fingers – or emotions on our sleeves – or something like that.

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