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Fun in a Public Bathroom

January 30, 2018

THAT’S a scary title, isn’t it?

Tough, I must share: Being on blood pressure medication, the little boy’s room is my second home (thank the dear Lord for indoor plumbing—my heart would have exploded in the days of out-houses).

See the source image

Engineers are funny people. There’s a guy to takes meeting in the bathroom. Business meetings. Fortunately, there’ a stall with a door, so I don’t know if he has the video part of the video conferencing on. Then there’s the guy who talks on the phone while doing his business. Another Facetimes.  There’s the dude who whistles while he “works,” while I’m holding my breath. Trips to the loo are often an adventure at work. Twice I caught a woman walking out of the Men’s room. In other instances, she’s described child labor, so I’m fairly sure she actually is a woman (either/or, if I didn’t have to use the men’s room, I wouldn’t. Men are pigs).

Church is often fun. There’s a guy who sneaks in for a smoke, and when anyone walks in, he holds his breath, as if the smoke he’d been puffing out would disappear.

But this Sunday was my favorite bathroom adventure. Let me paint the scene…

…I was washing my hands, another guy was doing the same beside me, suddenly the door slams open. Very small boys rush in, the smallest bellying up to the bar and singing out, “Don’t look at me!”

We adults laugh.

Moments later, another one says, “ohhhh, that feels so gooooood!”

Again we laugh, and I add, “Leave it to a kid to say what every man is thinking.”

Y’know, for years I thought urinals had leaky pipes… the floor is always wet.

As I said, men are pigs.


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  1. January 30, 2018 4:44 pm

    I raised three boys. I called our hall bathroom the truck stop. Enough said.

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