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Saturdays are for Accomplishment

July 15, 2017

It’s true. I feel a major sense of accomplishment after I mow the jungle. Our goal is to one day give up the exotic flora  to have a lawn to mow; my goal is to one day have enough lawn to need a riding lawnmower (it’s a guy thing).

Saturday is mowing day. I’m sure I must have mowed the lawn in Seattle, but evidently mowing in the rain isn’t as memorable as mowing in the equivalent amount of humidity. In Seattle, sweat wicks off before it stains. In Florida, I look like I fell into the pool when I’m done. What can I saw? Mowing is good for the pores.

It’s also a day of discovery. Green stuff grows fast and long here, so it’s a surprise when I find Thunder’s favorite dumping grounds in the back yard (Grizzly’s favorite place is the patio). In the front yard, if I’m lucky it’s only our neighbor’s chi Sassy’s, but as often as not it’s the other neighbor’s German Shepherd, who likes to build mountains. Yuck.

Then there’s the fauna. We mostly have an agreement. The spiders now spin their webs above six feet so I don’t walk through them, and the squirrels have stopped throwing acorns, but every now and then I find something new. Today’s insect was Biblically instructive. I think it was a locust. Maybe you’ve had the image of John eating honeyed grasshoppers like popcorn, but just a couple of these monsters would be enough for a meal. I left that as a though experiment.

Image result for mowing the jungle

I’d also say mowing is a good time for musical appreciation, but I listen to disco and old time rock and roll on my iPod. It’s impossible not to sing along when Donna Summers sings, “Hot, hot, hot!” I can only hope AC/DC and Bob Seeger come on when I’m in the backyard. It’s hard not to make non-mowing approved movements when those guitar riffs blast in my ears.

A good day is completing the yard, front and back, on one tank of gas and with no coronaries. Today was a good day. I typically have a long list of things to do, like sweep the patio (yuck) and clean the pool, chop down trees that weren’t there last week, and power wash the back wall so we can repaint, and then to repaint. In the summer, if I complete mowing, I’m happy.

Down here, winter is described as the weeks where you don’t break a sweat mowing. The rest of the months are, “What is that smell? Did Dad mow the jungle again?”

The cool-down period is almost as long as the mowing. In the South, you can’t shower when you’re wet. I know that sounds odd, but if you do, you’ll Never.Ever. Get. Dry. So you have to sit around until the sweat cools and the kids start throwing things at you while holding their nose.

I wonder if you sweat when you’re using a riding lawnmower?

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  1. July 17, 2017 11:01 am

    And then there is another cool down period after the shower, especially if you make the rookie Floridian mistake of taking too warm a shower when your body is already wondering if you need tylenol to break the fever, which of course doesn’t exist. It’s just that short period before heat stroke.

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