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The Stupidity of Global Warming/Climate Change

May 4, 2017

This post isn’t about whether there is GW/CC.  Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s just another cycle, maybe it’s cooked data, it just doesn’t matter. The truth of it is, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Drop everyone’s carbon emissions to zero and the planet itself will keep producing carbon. That whole “science denier” debate is ridiculous. Truth is, the planet goes through changes; that’s why we had ice ages and arid seasons throughout planet history.

The stupid part is all the money being spent on something that CANNOT BE CHANGED. Millions, perhaps billions of dollars are spent ‘researching.’  What, that it exist; who cares? Solutions that don’t work, again, who cares?

Stop giving money to these guys and instead fund the only thing that matters.

If the temperature goes up several degrees in the next decade, or drops a few, leading to regional or global ice age or drought, the only thing we need will be WATER.

Which, coincidentally, is what much of the world needs today. So stop wringing out pocketbooks for climate change and instead spend it on:

  • Means to cheaply make seawater drinking water.
  • Means to cheaply turn bad water into drinking water.
  • Means to cheaply create water from hydrogen and oxygen.
  • A global pipe system for, you guessed it, water. And some way to keep it from freezing or boiling on the way.

Let’s start in the areas of the world that have no water. Call me silly, but they’d be a good test case to making sure we have that life sustaining liquid wherever it’s needed.

Even if the seas dried up, the underground oceans dwarf what’s up top. Let’s solve the problems of usability and distribution. That’s needed today.

So the next time you see a protester screaming about global warming, tell them to go make water.

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