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Is America a Christian Country?

March 20, 2017

The short answer is Yes, and No, and Sort Of.

First, I’m not sure a country can be Christian, which I’m pretty sure is reserve for people. That being said, the roots of America are decidedly Christian. Each of the colonies was a different denomination – they were all sorts of Christians. Some were so antagonistic toward each other that the founding fathers made it clear that on a federal level, no church would hold sway over the state choices.

Much is made of the fact that many of the founders weren’t Christians, or were bad Christians, or simply Deists. That view side steps the fact that the founders were at least informed by the Christian worldview and the moral principles of Christianity.

There’s also the pesky “Our creator endowed us with inalienable rights….” While many of the founders may well have been versed in several religion’s creators, they most certainly aligned with God the Father. (As an aside, certain politicians have gone on record that it’s the government who endows us with those rights; vote ’em down if they don’t know government merely secures the rights inherent in people. It’s a nightmare to believe otherwise.)

Then one has to ask, is this the kind of country Jesus would have founded? The answer is yes on the broad plane, in that he founds all of them; but is America going to be the model for the New Jerusalem? I’d think no.

Harken back to that fundamental miracle of the founders; the idea that all people are created equal before the law. That we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This was not a unique thought (the Bible certainly ascribes to it, since Jesus came to set us free), but it was the first time government founders had such a thought.

We’ve become confused today, trading “fair” for freedom and thereby achieving neither. Equal and fair seem to have bedazzled America lately.  “Equal” refers to the law, in that a poor person should be treated the same as a rich one.  It does not equal opportunity. We have mixed up equal with pursuit of happiness.  Life isn’t fair.  Some will start on a lower societal rung that others. It is easier for some people (I am not saying “white people” because there are downtrodden white people), and harder for others. But few just walk into prominence, and those that do, still have to work to stay there.

We are a product of our choices and those of our parents and community. If those are poison influences, it may require Herculean effort to break free, but it’s up to you to do it. And sadly, if don’t make the effort, it isn’t anyone’s fault but your own. We can take steps to make it easier, certainly, but we shouldn’t guarantee it. Hand outs are seldom hand ups.

We’ve also allowed unbridled compassion to take us down some truly stupid roads, believing “freedom” means embracing immoral behavior. Compassion without morality is a fire that engulfs reason. I am not saying people who indulge in such behavior should be stopped if it isn’t harming anyone; freedom does apply to such people, but it’s wayward compassion that believes we must embrace such behavior. Redefining morality when morality isn’t ours to define has proven to be a trap.

Is America a Christian country? I believe God is very active here, that there is a vast remnant of believers, and that He blesses us beyond reason. It also welcomes (or should) people of differing mindsets, as long as they embrace the ideals of America. If you can’t get behind freedom, respect and individual pursuit of happiness, then don’t come here. If you desire to change America from the founder’s dream, then don’t come here and leave if you are here. You owe it to yourself to find a country that you can support, rather than trying to change ours from the original intent (which were bad at for a long time and are finally getting to place where we can try it for real).

God bless America and God bless you!










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