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My Opinion Doesn’t Matter (except when it does)

March 14, 2017

I am a Christian American. And this blog is going to anger some people, and many of my friends may not agree with it (well, I have a diverse set of friends, so the reactions will be all over the map). Either way, if you’re immediately ticked off, read to the end anyway so I can tell you why it doesn’t matter.

I believe homosexuality is morally wrong. And I believe the transgendered people are mentally ill.

And it doesn’t matter.

It may surprise you that I have gay and transgendered friends. These are not beliefs I feel need to be shared with them. As a Christian, such sins are meaningless compared to looking to Christ as your only means of salvation. If they come to this conclusion, I’ll leave it to God to let them know about the other stuff.

Here’s the thing. Each and every friend I have, does or believes something I disagree with (except maybe Bonnie).

That’s okay, people are worlds.

No single aspect defines them as a person; virtually everyone I know agrees with me about more things than they don’t; gay, Christian, or whathaveyou.

If my opinion might be hurtful to you, I’m not going to share it. What’s the point? My only belief that matters is that Jesus saves.  Since that conversation should start with, “You are a child of God, made in His image, and he loves you TONS and so do I…” should take the edge off it.

So, I’m a Christian and if that angers you, tough. If what you believe angers me, tough also. In so many respects, our opinions shouldn’t matter to someone else.

Ah, wait! you say. Your opinions color your vote; you may try to get laws passed that I don’t agree with! So opinions DO matter!

Yeah, but I’m an American, too, and a strict Constitutionalist. I hold a plurality. I believe people should live one way, but our God-given, America-secured human rights say you can live any way you want, and I also believe that — as long as you aren’t violating anyone else’s rights while doing it.

Being gay isn’t against the law, nor should it be. In America, if you aren’t a danger to yourself or others, you can be as mentally ill as you want (which is a shame for non-violent homeless people who can’t have help “forced” on them).

You rightfully bring up marriage, which is the golden calf for a lot of folks. It’s a pretty shabby calf of late. Personally, I think the whole dust-up about gay marriage points out that there’s something wrong with the law. If you want to have legal contracts governing your relationship, who am I to say no?  Maybe government should get out of the marriage business and leave it to the churches and justices of the peace. If God has a problem with it, he won’t sanctify it. Good enough for me. That doesn’t mean there are some laws I’m for or against that you’re against or for, but that’s just life.

Interestingly, our truly talented and anointed pastor preached about the church who put up with Jezebel and the whole mess of trouble they were in for doing so. I’m pretty sure that means believing as she does, and doing as she does, not just “suffering her to live” (which in no way contradicts Chris’s sermon, just sayin’).

Because I believe my opinion doesn’t and shouldn’t matter to you, I pledge to listen, to ask questions, to empathize and to learn. I will not try to be hurtful, thoughtless or mean. You may not sway me, but you don’t have to, I’m sure you’ll teach me anyway. For anyone who I have wounded in my often-passionate dialogue, I apologize.

Oh, and I’ll still use this blog to express my opinion, whether it matters or not, because that mental lint-trap needs regular cleaning. Nor does it mean I won’t share my opinion with you if you’re interested; but I’ll do so in a respectful manner.  I don’t think this is a huge change, but I know I have some edges to round off.

This post is inspired by my frustration with the polar extremism of the American populace. I have my ideas about what the actual issue is, but I’m mortified by the manner in which the extremes are failing to communicate. I’ve been part of that, and I refuse to any longer. If we can’t have civil discourse, just talk to yourself.


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  1. March 15, 2017 10:27 am

    Well said Rob! I especially appreciate this about you. I know that what you say is what you mean and it is a valuable communication tool in this Day of “false news”. I’m sick of the whole discourse on both sides of the aisle. Christ came to save sinners (period) and this is all that really matters. May we be passionate about this and not all the arguments that would divide us.
    Love Chris’ message too!

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