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D.C. Road Trip – Part 3 – Not in D.C.

March 8, 2017

I’m going to admit some things in this blog that could be used against me. Just warning you.

Getting out of D.C. during their early rush hour was… curse-filled. We followed our GPS for an hour right on to Hwy 29. It will be news to you as it was to us, that 29 is more a dirt road and back roads than freeway, but it was a pretty drive through some pretty land. Very pretty.

We’d had a snafu about rooms prior to leaving, so we switched from an Extended Stay America right across the street from Liberty University to a Microtel. As it turned out, while Extended Stay was indeed across the street, it required a very round-about way to get there. Microtel wasn’t too far, but it was brand new, wonderfully clean, and micro-small, but good enough. :0)

We rolled through Liberty University to track down my daughter’s friend. It took awhile because Liberty is a large, maze-like college with wonderful students who gave great daylight direction, but unfortunately, it was night. “The big golf ball building” doesn’t look like a golf ball in the dark.

Here’s the admission part: I don’t like school. Has to do with the fidgety thing I explained two posts ago. It’s funny, me being an educational professional (specializing in micro-learning). I’m not an auditory learner, so classrooms drive me nuts. My degrees are all in lab-related courses. That colors my review of Liberty.Image result for liberty university

It’s a great school. They have a strong academic curriculum, several colleges, and an amazing campus. And a mazing campus. It got a bit smaller as we wandered around, but I could never get a feel for the logic of the layout.

I was also impressed with the technology of the school, all of which will serve my daughter well. I’d hate to have her so far away, but it’s a good place. As we toured the school, our tour guides answered questions that aligned with what I’m looking for her. Strong academics, good spirit and teachings, maybe a bit more entertainment than necessary, but I didn’t see a single student who didn’t love it, and I embarrassed my daughter by asking many people.

Some people might think a college started by Jerry Falwell would be a super-strict, legalistic place. First, that would suggest they fell for a stereotype perpetrated by political donkeys. I’ve seen Falwell speak with love, compassion and tenderness, only for the same speech to characterized as mean, narrow-minded and harsh by the media. he’s been gone for a long time, suggesting our media went off the rails also a long time ago.

When I visit my son’s school, PCC, it makes me feel like teaching again. Liberty doesn’t have that effect, but my daughter isn’t me and has her own needs and wants. They have a strong International Government Studies degree right up her ally (ahem).

The drive home was uneventful if long, and the night ended with the best thing about a long road trip: Sleeping in your own bed.

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