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Politics Suck, But….

January 24, 2017

I seem to say this a lot. “I didn’t vote for Trump; I don’t like his public persona at all; I’m not endorsing the man, but maybe the concept.”

So if you are marcher, more power to you, gotta love that first amendment. Knock yourself out.

Having said all that, let me say this is a unique experiment long overdue.

The Donald isn’t a politician. The last non-politician did pretty well (Ike the military man, for the history-challenged).

Politicians have a thing for red tape and foot dragging. They’re about what they say, not what they do. Government is supposed to be Of the People, For the People, BY THE PEOPLE.

It’s true, government has gotten more complex and law certainly needs a real lawyer, but is that true for politicians?  I don’t know the answer, but it seems at the executive level, which relies on staff for the mechanics, the answer would be no.

Might a career politician be conditioned to wait for the slow wheels of process, whereas a businessman would demand speed? I know everywhere I worked, the boss said mush and we mushed, even though the boss didn’t really know how to do it. Might a career politician succumb to narrow thinking, whereas a non-politician may think outside the box?

For example, while I don’t want a wall between us and Mexico, what if the “wall” was an 1,800 mile resort with no windows on our side? Every few miles there would be a fortified border gate for walk-throughs, and every 50 miles a car gate.  Different sections could be different demographics, and managing them would be farmed out to bidders who get a percentage of the profits while the rest go to the treasury. Guests would be from anywhere, the US, Mexico, other countries… and there you have an out-of-the-box solution that pays for itself.

Another aspect of non-politicians in the cabinet would be not just innovative thinkers but possible solutionists.

There’s a narrative in America that business is evil, despite the vast majority of workers, you know, working at one. When people who don’t know what they’re doing create laws and regulations on an industry, companies learn to dance around them. Wouldn’t such a dancer know how to take the stupid out for businesses and people?  Remove the hoops and replace with common sense regulation. We absolutely need regulations, just not choking regulations.

I sincerely hope Trump is a great president (yes, I’m gagging a bit), and that the system keeps any excesses in check. Some think he’ll get anything he wants from a Republican Congress, but he won’t. They want to get reelected. No freedoms will be curtailed; racism is still illegal.

If you can’t support the guy, support the system, stay involved, protest if that’s your bent and you think it will help, but pray things work for the better. By the People. Remember it.

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