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Intentionally Boring

December 11, 2016

Speaking with a new employee/friend, as I have over the last couple months, I related a prior job way back in the old days, and he replied, “The more I get to know you, the more fascinating your life becomes!”

Not anymore, baby.

The old days are gone and now I lead a fulfilling, but boring life. Excitement for me these Image result for boringdays is going home for a quiet evening. Even my job, for a company I love and in a role I enjoy, isn’t work anymore, it’s all meetings and emails. Yet somehow still exhausting.

I admit this worries me some.

I used to enjoy big projects, mounting plays, serving in a bunch of ways, but now I just want to stay home, dream up stories, fail to write them down and hang with my family.

Secretly, I’d love to rekindle an acting career when life slows down. But by then I’ll be too old to remember my lines. I love the idea of working on a film, preferably mine, directing actors if not the project.

But, boy, that sounds tiring.

Still, some day…

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