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Marvel Verisimilitude

December 4, 2016

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Marvel Studios characters had the proper accents for each character?

Captain America should have a thick Brooklyn accent. Hey, fuggedabowtit

Spider-Man a jabbermouth Queens accent. Whichawhatyoodoindude?

Tony Stark a Manhatten accent (though I think the movie Iron Man is Californian, so a beach accent might work) Eh, he actually nails it….

Falcon and Ant-Man a Bronx accent. How you DOin?

Black Widow a Russian accent (sure, she could do other accents, but there should be a hint of Russo in there somewhere).

Most fun of all would be Thor with a Scandinavian accent, instead of an English accent (an Australian actor affecting an English accent to play a Scandanian Thunder God, huh).

On the DC side, Batman with a New Jersey accent, Superman with a midwestern accent, Flash with a Great Lakes accent, and Valley Boy Green Lantern.

With such a rich orchastra of American and International accents, it’s a shame to have the flat North Western accent for everyone.  Just sayin.




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