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Et Tu, Bruiser?

November 11, 2016

I don’t like pain. Getting wounded is not high on my list, but I find the healing process fascinating (and itchy). Now at the age when I shouldn’t wander around in the dark, I still wandered in the dark and ran into a pet barrier I didn’t know was up.

The result? A six-inch major scrape on one shin, a burn on the other knee, a six-inch wide purple strip on my pudgy belly, a jammed finger and now a black bruise puddling in my foot.

The belly bruise is interesting as it goes from red and swollen (beyond the usual swell of my gut) to midnight black and now to polluted sunrise, all bright reds and yellows.

The burn on my knee is boring. Just a road rash.  The finger was black but not painful.

The shin, though, is amazing. It looked like I had a flexed bicep on my shin right after the swearing stopped. It looked bloody, but it wasn’t. The running bright red was just under an invisible layer of skin. Both shins burned, and ice helped. So did drugs. Two days later, it was still swollen, still bloody looking, but now it was black and yellow at the outer edges. And the loose blood of some of the bruise drifted down to my foot, giving me a painless bruise across its length. It’s been fading with the days. Probably be gone by the weekend.

Not the shin, though. Now it’s oozing an anemic yell0w-cream  and I’m taking different kinds of drugs. Infection is not your friend. The NP who looked at it and probed it (ouch!) is concerned that it’s still swollen. If the drugs don’t bring it down, I need to go in for an x-ray to see if there’s a hairline fracture. What do you do for such a break? Surely not cast it. And if not, what’s the point of the x-ray?

All this to say: Wow! God did an amazing thing with flesh. It heals! Sometimes in technicolor fashion, but the burn fades away, the bruises fade through kaleidoscope colors to then vanish. New skin grows over scrapes, and I’m assuming these drugs will stop the oozing. As an author who has played with a story about Frankenstein’s monster, who does not heal as we do, I am agog at what the body can assimilate. Especially as my car falls apart. No healing there.

And God didn’t stop there. He’s surrounded me with a compassionate wife and daughter who offer me the balming pity I so richly crave.

And one more insight that moves me further from the reaches of the GOP (but no closer to the Dems); as I paid for the NP and the green capsules, I had the stray thought that isn’t it nice not to be having to pinch pennies so hard that I couldn’t get this cared for? Which led to thoughts about the people who have no pennies and would wander around with infected wounds and broken bones. Don’t get me wrong, Obamacare is an unadulterated disaster, but a solution needs to be found so that basic healthcare is available to all.

To that end, I love the CVS health clinic, but I think back to a couple decades ago when I couldn’t afford even their prices ($100 for the uninsured, and who knows for the drugs?)

We need a better way.

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