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Picky Picky

October 23, 2016

I have a friend I go out to lunch with every now and then. That means going to one of three restaurants: McDonalds, Chic-Fil-A, or Firehouse Subs. Suggest any other place and he shakes his head. “I haven’t eaten there before.”

Presumably, at one time, he’d never eaten at one of the big three, but that yields no fruit. He will not go out of his comfort zone. What if he doesn’t like Wendy’s or Arby’s? It would be a ruined lunch.

Crazy right?

Except most American’s are worse. In their world there is only ONE restaurant and a competitor they refuse to eat at, and no others are an option. Let’s call McDonalds Republicans and Burger King Democrats. For some it’s Big Mac, Fillet-o-Fish, Quarter Pounder or nothing. For others it is… whatever Burger King serves (I don’t eat there).

And they call me crazy because I eat at Arby’s or Jersey Mike’s, or a dozen other places. You see, third party folks aren’t afraid of other restaurants. It’s different, it’s not monopolistic, and when McDonald’s replaces hamburger with meal worms, or Burger King serves only wrappers with a claim of hamburger, I don’t have to pretend to like it… I’ll just go somewhere worm-free with wrapper-integrity.

Image result for smorgasbord

Next week for early voters, and November 8 for the others, try something from a different menu if you’re looking at the current meal with nausea. It’s okay, there are other, better restaurants, and some of them have superior hamburgers.

Don’t forget to wipe the corners of your mouth.

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