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They Had One Job

September 27, 2016

Now that I’ve finished projectile vomiting, I’m ready to comment on the debate.

Clearly the Trump camp decided all he had to do was try to exhaust Clinton so she’d pass out on national television. Instead, America passed out.

All Clinton had to do was show up while Trump went into a corner and beat himself to mush. Mission accomplished, but she even managed to screw that up.

Instead of committing hari-kari onstage, if Trump could make his point THEN SHUT UP, he would have been fine (other than mugging the 4th amendment). His point should have been “politicians have failed for 30 years.” Instead, he blathered on, showing no message discipline, and getting thousands of people drunk off their butts who were playing the Debate Drinking Game. He literally could not have done worse, and that’s saying something.

Hillary Clinton clearly tried to confused low-intelligence voters by showing up dressed as a red state (seriously, who dresses this woman?). But just as Trump fell to his weaknesses, so did Clinton. If she had looked bewildered and concerned about Trump’s insanity, she would have won hands down.

Instead, she had an idiot grin that clearly said, “Yahoo! I’m gonna be President! This guy is NUTS! I’m so happy I get all the power I’ve ever coveted! ME ME ME ME!”

A little grace and humility would have gone a long way.

She felt so bulletproof that she actually brought up cyber warfare. And equal pay for women. Two areas she’s demonstrated she’s a dismal failure. And then she brought up what a great president Bill was. You could hear the interns in the audience cringing.

Meanwhile, Trump was so engorged on his own self-adulation that when she served up these great big softballs, he ignored them to tell us how much land he owned.

The only thing crazier than Trump was the radio jocks saying he won the debate. There’s such a thing a drinking the kool-aid and another about hooking up the IV bottle and mainlining the stuff.

Equally crazy were those thinking Clinton won the debate. The both said nothing, she just used fewer words.

Also in the crazy pile are those who think voting for either one of these clowns makes any sense at all. Raise your hand if you think all the people who dislike both candidates could end this disastrous two-party system?

There were no winners of the debate. Even the moderator, who was mugged by Trump while sucking up to Clinton, was worthless.  Instead, it came down to who lost least.

If you had to pick a winner, it would be Johnson for not being there.

(Let me deal with the people who are hung up on the “dressed like a red state” joke. It is not sexist. The truth of the matter is there is business formal wear for women. If Trump had shown up in a toga, I would have made a comment. Obviously, I’m no fan of Clinton, but can someone explain her style to me? Brightly colored Mao is not a look for anyone. Her fashion choices don’t speak well for her judgment.)

Please. Vote for someone worthwhile. If it’s not Johnson, find someone you won’t be embarrassed to admit you voted for. Please.

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