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I Despair

September 24, 2016

Vote your conscience. Period.

Vote FOR the best human being for the job.

Do NOT vote against someone, because voting doesn’t work like that.

Do NOT vote party.  The party doesn’t represent you. The party isn’t elected, only the people. If you vote party, you get party hacks. You get people who view problems from a single prism. You get unelected party bigshots making decisions. You get individuals beholden to not just special interests, but party officials. Compromise becomes a dirty word. Out of the box thinking becomes anathema.

If you truly believe that Trump is the best candidate, go ahead and vote for him.  If you think Clinton can do the job better than anyone else, fine, vote for her.

But if you have to hold your nose to vote, you’re doing it wrong.

Party hacks will say you’re throwing your vote away if you vote for, say Johnson or Stein. Such hacks are trying to hijack your vote.

If EVERYONE voted for the best person, the one you think can push your issues, the one who demonstrate the ability to define a problem and solve that problem, the one who will serve the people, not the party, then America would be strong again.

Instead, we have people who know the two-party system is corrupt but refuse to vote any other way. PART. OF. THE. PROBLEM.

Such voting echoes dimbat Pelosie’s famous “We have to vote for it so we can find out what’s in it.”  We may as well forget

We may as well forget electing a candidate, why not just have Democrat and Republican the only words on the ballot and just let the DNC and RNC fill the elected slot? It’s the same thing, isn’t it?

We don’t just need campaign finance reform, we need campaign reform. How about making it so candidates can only talk about themselves and their plans. What if they couldn’t talk about other candidates? You know, focus the election on issues.

Other than very shallow “solutions” to complex problems, do you know what Trump and Clinton are actually planning to do?  Or do you just fear what the one you don’t like will do?

You have one vote. You have a responsibility. Stop giving it away to people willing to hijack your vote. Stop voting for evil.




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