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Two Restaurant Reviews

August 5, 2016

IPho Noodles – Oh my GOODNESS!

Made the mistake of trying to go to Tijuana Flats in Lake Mary on Tuesday to treat my new employee to lunch. The line reached out the door, all tables were full inside and out, Taco Tuesday was a success for everyone but me. 

So we went to IPho Noodle House right next-door instead. It’s a hole-in-the-wall place with a nice sign and basic furnishings. The menus are laminated with a few pictures and many entrees. I wasn’t expecting much, truthfully. Yes, they were almost full, but I attributed that to Tijuana Flats overflow.

I ordered pork and spring rolls over vermicelli. When it came out is was HUGE. Giant bowl filled up, and it was hands-down the best Asian meal I have ever experienced. My salivary glands were literally spitting (it was a bit embarrassing).

The pork was tender, the egg rolls cut up for easy chop-sticking. I had my lunch partner’s broccoli (she had the fried noodles; also very good) and they were perfect!

If you ever get up to Lake Mary, you have to try this place. It’s amazing. Totally amazing. My salivary glands are swimming just thinking about it. Sadly, they’re only getting soup today.

TWO REVIEWS IN ONE – Fuzzy’s Tacos

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

As amazing as IPho’s was, Fuzzy’s Tacos were disappointing. The exact opposite of IPho’s, the setting was terrific. Great set up (the old, refurbished Bob’s Big Boy), bright lights and gleaming surfaces with a video monitor menu.

I ordered crispy tacos, the perfect food deliver system. And chips because they came with it.

The tacos were disappointing. I could make them at home. Bland meat, small shell, fresh toppings, but bland. The salsa was terrific, though. The service was really good. I met one of the owners and promised I’d come back and try a burrito before blogging about it.

So I did. Took one of my kids and had the burrito and chips. The salsa was not the same. The burrito was just okay. Fuzzy’s Tacos was just eh.

To be fair, they serve alcohol and their tacos are cheap, cheap, cheap. I didn’t drink, but I bet after a few, the tacos were probably terrific.

I doubt I will go back.

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