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I May Barf a Little

June 8, 2016

Scroll through my Facebook contacts and you’ll find they are half-and-half; half conservative, half liberal. Of my hundreds of friends, only one thought Hillary Clinton was a great, decent or even OK candidate. Sadly, several are Trump (gag) supporters.

I could go off on how horrible this is; both are cartoons – Trump = everything wrong with America; Clinton = everything wrong. But instead I’m going briefly speak of what I read on my break on WordPress. I hit “Discover” and saw all these blogs about how wonderful it is to finally have a woman presumptive nominee of a major party.

Clicking a few, I expected, “great it’s a woman, horror that’s it Hillary.”

Instead they were (gulp) praising Clinton. My eyeballs melted reading about her “wonderful character,” “sterling credentials” and (almost even more unfathomably) “exquisite fashion sense.”

I checked to make sure they weren’t satires. They weren’t, and neither were the commenters who were equally swooning.

Telling quotes included, “After decades of trying to prove Clinton was corrupt, the GOP’s failure speaks to her strong character. Why, she’d have to be a world-class political operative and power-mad harpy to successfully avoid getting smeared.”  And, “You can’t blame her husband on her. She must really love him to stick by him.”

It’s telling that most of my GOP friends are searching for ways to not vote for Trump. A few diehard Dems are holding out for Bernie, but the majority are accepting Clinton as their nominee.

They literally could not pick a candidate more able to further divide this country than Clinton. You think polarity is strong now? Frightening.

Here’s my take. Bill Clinton was a felony waiting to happen. He was charismatic, fairly smart, and utterly lacking ambition. Hillary picked him as a likely pushover to drive ever forward to the White House. Without her, Bill would be in a Southern prison for rape, or six-feet under at the hands of a murderous father. She rode him like a horse, burying his scandals, amassing enough power to bury hers and his, and taking every vicious swipe and tackle to get where she and her puppet president wanted to be. She was a monster to her staff, a terror to her security details, and an unelected force battering everyone to get what she wanted. She didn’t beat down the women Bill assaulted and stick with him out of love, but because a divorce would remove her from the White House. Every position she held thereafter was calculated to get her back to the White House.

If a couple of 3rd-party candidates don’t step forward (please run, Bernie!), America is in such trouble. A race between Clinton and Trump is going to be the ugliest thing we’ve ever seen. If it’s just the two of them, no matter who wins, we’re in trouble.

My prediction, if C & T are the nominees, it will quickly become a smear campaign where neither one has to lie (though Hillary will; she can’t help herself; and Trump will because he’s clueless). Should a sane liberal and conservative step forward, they will not be able to run an above the fray campaign, because Trump will be as demeaning as he was to Rubio.  But if the 3rd’s get down in the mud with him, they’ll lose, and if they don’t, Trump will continue to suck the oxygen out of every room he’s in.

Trump’s lack of discipline will probably sink him. There is so much real stuff to pound Clinton with, but he’ll pick the salacious, ridiculous stuff to pick on, like her taste in ugly, expensive clothing, Vince Foster, and other stuff (that may be true, but like the birther nonsense, won’t play well for anyone but the mouth-breathing supporters who have gotten him so far, but not that far).

Clinton will get the conservative women out to vote against her, if they have a candidate to vote for. I’m guessing the youth vote will stay home. Maybe young clueless women will go for Clinton, but I doubt it. Young men won’t.

It all comes down to a third-party.

Rice/Powell?  I’d vote for that. Powell/Rice? That’d be good, too. I can’t think of many others who could stand up the mudslinging Trump and crashing horror of Clinton. She’s conservative, he’s moderate-left.  They both have the necessary Q rating to gain instant recognition.

Who else do we have who would pull from both sides? (Personally, I love this team; they both strike me as problem-solvers rather than party shills.)

Please, anyone but Clinton or Trump.




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  1. June 8, 2016 8:45 pm

    Disagree a little bit. Young men are being fed the feminist card — if you don’t vote for Hillary, you’re a misogynic pig. Young women think she’s empowering. They won’t be the ones staying home.

  2. June 9, 2016 9:41 am

    Could be, but I doubt it. Getting youth to vote is actually very difficult. Bernie lit a fire (income inequality, free college, unfair, unfair, unfair), but Clinton doesn’t. They may talk about it, but when it comes time to go to the polls, I don’t think they’ll turn out any better than the last several elections.

  3. June 9, 2016 9:59 am

    Whoops! I thought Condi was in her 40’s but she’s 61. Still no problem for running; that’s young enough. Colin Powell is 79, though, so he’s too old, darn it.

  4. kverdeck permalink
    June 9, 2016 1:46 pm

    It’s not pretty, is it? Personally I’m still holding out for a pre-convention indictment on the e-mails, Clinton Foundation racketeering, or both. But given Obama’s endorsement of HRC today, I can only presume he has his finger on the scale somehow and will prevent that from happening. Just like he’s preventing the release of her e-mails regarding TPP until the end of November. And isn’t THAT convenient timing?

    So as usual, it’s a choice between two evils, and yet I’m hard-pressed to decide which is the worse evil. I just don’t think I can vote for either of them–Trump obviously, and Clinton because I just don’t trust a word she says, and think she’s the worst sort of establishment politician. So I’m with you on the idea of third-party candidates in theory, but in reality I fear it’s a non-starter. It’s no mean feat to get on the ballot in all 50 states, for one thing. It’s probably too late for any newcomers to do it, though perhaps Bernie could link up with Jill Stein and the Greens, since I think they’ve already secured ballot access in most states. On the right, there’s always Gary Johnson and the Libertarians, I would think he holds some appeal for you?

    The other problem is the spoiler effect, of course. Maybe a 3rd-party run from someone like Bernie could draw enough support to win a number of states–but even so, we’d almost certainly end up with no candidate winning 270 Electoral College votes, which would throw the decision to the House. Since the House is still GOP-controlled, it stands to reason they’d go with the GOP candidate. Although, enough of them loathe Trump that maybe that’s not a sure bet. But do they hate Clinton and Sanders even more? I would say definitely yes for Clinton, and a solid probably for Bernie. So even if a third-party candidate did better this year than ever before, it’s probably still a crap-shoot in the end since it’s not just about winning the overall popular vote.

    A friend linked me to a site today called Burn Your Vote. The idea is that voters from the left and right pair up, so they can each cast a protest/third-party vote knowing that it’s being balanced by a voter on the other side. Kind of an interesting idea. 🙂

  5. June 9, 2016 2:18 pm

    Evil takes a greater depth of meaning with these two choices.

    If it does get thrown to the House, do they have to choose one of them or can they choose someone else?

    I liked Gary Johnson a lot 4 and 8 years ago, but I watched an interview that left me seriously unimpressed. He’s better than the other choices, but then, so are you and I.

    Wouldn’t it be great if “None of these candidates” was an option? Then, if it won, we’d have to pick new candidates? To avoid the current president from a third term, make the VP or Speaker the president-pro-tem.

    Let me say it is heartening to know some liberals/progressives see the truth about Clinton (and the same on the right who recognize Trump as a threat).

    • kverdeck permalink
      June 9, 2016 2:56 pm

      Hmm, good question. Since the selection of the candidates themselves is up to the respective parties, I know that at the convention there’s no obligation to follow the popular vote, or even pledged delegates. The GOP DOES have a nuclear option: as the first order of business at their convention, they could vote on a rule change to essentially free up most delegates to vote for anyone, and hence make it a contested convention and go with someone other than Trump. But the uproar would be considerable, so unless Trump jumps in a lot more bovine excrement between now and then it remains unlikely. Similarly, the Dems have their superdelegates, who could toss the nomination to Bernie (or someone like Biden, for that matter) if something happens to Hillary (coughindictmentcough). But once it comes to the general election, I believe the House is limited to the candidates who were actually on the ballot. The election of 1824 was the only time the House got involved, and via backroom political chicanery (even then!) they picked the guy who came in second in the popular vote (John Quincy Adams).

      Liberals like me–Bernie and his supporters especially–are getting a lot of flak right now for not gleefully embracing Hillary, or at least getting behind her to defeat Trump. Shut up and get in line is basically the message. But anyone who expects Bernie to gladly toe the line and get behind Hillary clearly missed the entire point of why he ran in the first place–and why so many of us got behind him.

      So unless Hillary does something that changes my mind–and I do not find it likely that she can–my options at this point are basically to write in Sanders or simply not cast a vote for President, and instead vote only for Congresscritters, state/local offices, and ballot initiatives. That’s about the only thing I can do with a clear conscience, as I’m definitely of a mind to refuse the worse-than-usual choice of evils this year.

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