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I Propose a Fifth Branch of the Military

March 28, 2016

Currently, we have the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, all supreme warfighters and defenders of our nation. I propose a fifth branch, the Internal Peace Corp or IPC.

Whenever I listen to Dave Ramsey, I hear about some poor well-meaning fool with $100K in student loans for a Social Worker degree. This strikes me as horribly wrong. A person wants to help his/her fellow person and racks up bills they’ll never be able to pay back.

I hear reports of how the military is the only hope for kids too poor for college. While some folks think college should be free (and thereby destroying the quality of it), I propose the IPC as the answer.

While the other four branches wage war, the IPC wages peace. Its enemies are ignorance, poverty, illness and crumbling infrastructure. FEMA and the VA fall under its umbrella, as does any Federal infrastructure issues. The IPC Corp of Engineers will fix or build bridges, and help improve our ghettos. Its doctors offer free services to any citizen who can’t afford their own medical bills (this includes cash-flow hardships in the middle class, as well as the lower class).

Public school education stays the responsibility of the states, but adult education, with a corresponding commitment to serve in the IPC, falls to IPC educators and instructional designers. Further, if you’re on welfare, you either take classes or work in the opportunities found in the IPC. Don’t like any of these options, there’s still private sector colleges and voch techs.

I propose a military structure to stave off slackers and losers. Everyone who signs up goes through boot camp for physical training, then on to the training department of their choice. This would include electricians, plumbers, construction, engineering, education, and medical sciences.  Depending on the department, you serve a certain number of years to pay off the education.  Doctors serve at least 10 years beyond their education. Nurses and construction specialists serve 5-to-8 years beyond training, and soft-skilled laborers, serve 4 years.  Other roles are social workers, counselors (particularly in PTSD)  If you leave before your commitment is up, due to personal choice or washing out, you owe the training fees back to the taxpayer. Stick it out, and once you leave the IPC, you have skills to serve you for life. Others may choose to become lifers.

Conservatives should embrace the idea because choice is preserved. Doctors, electricians, etc. will still be available in the private sector or you can opt for the IPC options.  It resolves the poverty issue by adding accountability and path out of poverty, and America is made better by earning taxpayer money and offering a return rather just getting a handout.

Liberals should embrace it because it still addresses their concerns and offers a government solution that serves the country and not just individuals.

What do you think?


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  1. March 28, 2016 4:03 pm

    Rob, This is a brilliant idea. I seriously think you should give Hannity a call. Who knows? This may just be the answer America needs. I’m so glad you’re my friend–you make me think.

  2. Bettie Jackson permalink
    March 28, 2016 7:31 pm

    Rob, I agree, great thinking outside the box. Wow, I agree with Debi call Hannity or Rush about it. we need to get this out to everyone. I shared your article to Facebook. You Rock!

  3. March 29, 2016 2:45 pm

    Thank you, both. 🙂
    I failed to mention, addiction rehab would also be a part of this. Private options still available, but anyone who wants to or who can’t afford the costly options could rehab with the IPC in exchange for a couple years of supervised work of the individual’s choice. This would serve to help them stay sober, and also give them the ability to learn or refine skills and put a win in their column.

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