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Hey, Rubio!

February 29, 2016

“I hate Rubio because he promised no amnesty and then got in office and offered amnesty.”  ‘S funny because I like him for that very reason, on several levels.

  1. He works well with others. My goodness! He spoke to democrats! Well, yeah! He absolutely should.  I’m tired of the stone wall. Let’s work together on the little stuff and seek agreement on the big stuff.
  2. He understands the important stuff about immigration. I couldn’t care less about amnesty. The big deal is securing the physical and visa borders. That is an entirely separate issue than what to do with illegal aliens. Fix the latter without fixing the former is bailing a boat with holes in the bottom. We need to stop those coming in, or staying in, illegally. That’s job 1. That will take years.  Job 2 is to figure out what to do with the folks who have been here for a long time, who contribute in some ways, and should contribute in others. Most of them aren’t evil; they just wanted a better life. Who can blame them? Does it matter to me if they’re guest workers or citizens? Not really. I’d like them to pay taxes. I’m guessing most would be A-OK with that if it meant not living in fear any more. There are a host of moral, economic and sociological reasons to let them stay. And a tad hypocritical not to.
  3. Rubio is young. There’s something refreshing about an accomplished young man intent on uniting the GOP, the Congress and America. Combine the principles of Reagan with the appeal of Kennedy and you get Rubio. Sure, the far left find him scary, but who don’t they find scary? Rubio would appeal to the young crowd, probably to women, and to us old coots. He’d rather focus on what’s good in America and make it better, than focus on everything dour and gloomy.
  4. He looks cheerful. Trump looks buffoonish, Cruz a cross between weepy and melted, Kasich looks old. Bernie is buffoonish AND old (come on, folks, we wouldn’t be voting for him, we’d be voting for his VP). Clinton… well, if you can’t say anything good…
  5. He’s got a great story. The only one better is Carson’s.

I’ve heard people laugh about how many GOP candidates there were.  I think it’s sad how few Democrats there were. Clinton (ulp! Here I go!), is unqualified for anything but an orange jumpsuit. The Dems are supposed to be the party of the young, but all they have is old, old, old, and white, white, white. Why aren’t they laughing?

I’m no fan of the two-party system; what I’d like to see is both parties split up in fact and not just in spirit.  You’ve got your current socialists, Bernie and Hillary; your progressives, unrepresented this year, and your moderates, that other guy. I’d like there to be a responsible democratic party, but you can’t have everything…  As for the GOP, break them into the Constitutionalists, the Solutionists, the Moderates, and bring up the Libertarians.

Then instead of single vote, let’s go to a ranked vote. Everyone gets a vote, but you assign them rank. Rubio is my #1, Fiorina #2, Kasich #3, Cruz #4, Carson #5, Trump and Clinton #anyone else.  The #1 guy gets 10 point, #2 8 points, on down. Then all of them get added up, and whoever gets the most points wins.

A guy can dream…




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