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World Wide Political Game Changer And My Picks

February 22, 2016

Way back in the dark ages of 1960, TV changed politics forever. JFK looked great on screen; Nixon looked… scary (I know this from videos of that debate, not from memory. I’m not that old. Just close.).

People who listened on the radio said Nixon won; for those watching on TV, Kennedy was the winner. Visual charisma took over… though it took a while for both parties to figure it out.  Nixon won eight years later because the Democrats didn’t run a better looking/charismatic guy against him.  Everyone would figure it, giving us Reagan, Clinton and Obama as the obvious examples.

Today, we’ve had the Internet for a decade, but with new data speeds and complete user adoption, this is the first election where the power of research at lazy fingertips makes a difference.  Used to be, reporters did a fine-toothed comb through the candidates’ pasts, chasing paper trails and people. Now everything is online and no candidate can come away unscathed. Every utterance, every vote, every decision is digitized.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve found it disillusioning, literally. I shouldn’t, though, because once you take the spin away, the truth is better than an illusion. Politicians are people and people are flawed. Live with it.

My run down:

Trump: Don’t get me started.

Cruz: As much a bully as Trump and pretty underhanded.

Rubio: I’ve seen some things I don’t like, but I still think he’s the guy. The Gang of 8 thing is a non-starter for me. I want the border and visa stays locked down, but what to do with the millions of illegal aliens here is disingenuous. We can’t deport them, and amnesty is just a word. They have “amnesty” now. They’re here; let the ones who have proved themselves stay here.  I don’t think Rubio will cave to the establishment, but I do think he’ll negotiate (not compromise) with Congress.  Good for him. And he’s young and charismatic with a message more hopeful than fearful.

Kasik or Patacki, or whichever is still in the race: Get out. Great guy, but if I can’t even remember his name…

Carson: Love the guy, really do. Great message, great advisor, time to drop out of the race.  Carson and the other guy are just helping Trump at this point.

My three were Rubio, Fiorina and Christie; Christie took himself out trying to take out Rubio. Again, great ideas, but not quite presidential (my advice to Chris; lose weight, firm up, lose the Jersey mannerisms, run in 16 years). Loved Fiorina but she sadly couldn’t get traction.

So here’s my picks for everything. Rubio/Fiorina for the big ticket, Cruz for Supreme Court, Carson for Surgeon General, Christie for Attorney General, Clinton in prison and Sanders on a reality TV show.

Eight years from now, Fiorina as the first woman president. Eight years after that, a fighting trim and more genteel Chris Christie. And just watch, Clinton will be running against him while on parole.


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