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In Defense of the Electoral College

December 3, 2015

You can divide America in multiple ways. Left/right, red/blue, rich/poor, enfranchised/disenfranchised, black/white, and on and on. When it comes to electing a President and Vice President, it comes down to not left and right, but producer and consumer.

Say we got rid of the electoral college. Well, America’s breadbasket may as well not vote at all. If you gathered up every voter in the heartland and had them vote one way, they wouldn’t be able to overwhelm the giant states of California, New York and Texas. The electoral college, giving each state a number of electors, allows the Midwest a voice. Not a strong voice, but a valid one, nonetheless.

The popular vote disenfranchises the people of most states.  If you don’t live in one of the big three, you may as well stay home. The candidates wouldn’t spend any time in low voter states, which may not be a bad thing, but money flows into states when candidates show up.

People on the wrong coast say the election is decided before they even get to vote. That, to me, is media’s fault.  Let’s hold all reporting other than “go vote” announcements until all polls close. Further, it should be law that all early votes and military votes are counted PRIOR to election day. As it stands, they aren’t often counted until after the election has been decided.

There are many other reasons for the electoral college, but that’s enough for a start.

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