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November 25, 2015

Well I’m just a bundle of contradictions.

Browsing through a book on creativity, it spoke of Feng Shui Birth Elements, so I looked mine up. Water (and year of the Rabbit, which makes for a wet bunny… a comical sight which just may encapsulate me completely).

It just so happens I have a deep and abiding fascination with water. I fear drowning (because of a childhood incident, in which I thought I was going to drown, even though I not only didn’t, but probably couldn’t have, but fears aren’t rational, so I don’t feel guilty). I can hold my breath a lot longer above water than I can below it. Weird, right?

Yet I love water. Not to drink; I like fizz and flavor. And not to work on; I hate our pool because I can’t get it clean and it’s a lot of work.  But to look at, there is no more peaceful thing.

I love fire, too, but it’s a two-note pleasure. It’s warm and it’s pretty. Done.

But water is mysterious, even though it’s clear. I am endlessly fascinated with its transparency.  Light passes through, though first it’s bent. How mysterious is that? I get it from a physics angle. There isn’t enough energy in a photon for an atom to suck out to jump an electron up a shell, so the atom lets it pass through (and again, how interesting! The discreet relationships of matter and energy are, say it with me, endlessly fascinating).

Being a clean-freak of sorts, I find lake fronts messy and unappealing, so I prefer oceans or hurkin’ big lakes that stretch past the horizon. What goes on beneath the opaque surface? It’s a mystery.

I can’t wait for Ron Howard’s whale movie to come out. That high-def look at behemoths under the sea? It sends shivers down my spine. IMAX that one, baby!

The Caribbean and Bahamas call to me with that gorgeous blue water. Lake Tahoe has the clearest water in the world, and it’s darn cool, but the crystal blue waters of the tropics? So transparent, but so evocative of luxury and decadence, combining passion and languidness all at once… it makes cruising wonderful (I say that, because while Alaska and Norwegian cruises sound interesting for the travel, tropical cruises call to the cat in me… I know cats don’t like water, but what else is languid, supple and fiery all at once? Makes me wonder why I despise cats so much.)

My computer wallpaper is Diffusion. A series of varied colors of ink diffusing in water…  I’d prefer animated wallpaper, but it’s a memory hog. Have you looked at ink in water? It looks like fabric billowing in delightful ways.

I’d scuba-dive if I wasn’t claustrophobic. Snorkeling took a while to get comfortable with; now, as long as it’s really warm water, I love to snorkel. Cold water? Not so much.

The ultimate mystery of the water is that creatures can live in it. People who wonder if God made people on other planets only need to look to the sea. He made aliens right here on Earth! Vast and tiny, mindless and intelligent; and I’m pretty sure octopi are extraterrestrials who landed here long ago.

The Man from Atlantis was a cheesy show from the way-back world starring Patrick Duffy.  He invested that character with mystery and longing. Perfect, and the contact lenses were a great touch. It made me wonder what it would be like to live under the waves in a way Aquaman and Namor never could… and without the whole fear thing.




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