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I’m Actually Agreeing with Obama. SHOCK!

November 17, 2015

I’m quick to criticize the President when he makes bone-head moves, but there are two things in recent actions I actually agree with:

  1. Remove the Box. Job applications shouldn’t include the criminal identification box, just the qualifications of a candidate (with the exception of jobs where it is actually a disqualifier, like financial institutions).  Eventually it should be disclosed, but not at the outset. They done their time…
  2. Syrian refugees. We like to tout in simplistic terms the bad idea of taking in refugees, but as Obama said, immigration is a basic value of America. The balance of this post will be on this topic.

We simply don’t know enough about taking them in to even comment yet. 25,000 people; how are they to be processed and housed? I’ve seen a video of some complaining about their living conditions in Norway or somesuch place. These people don’t speak for the group, and shouldn’t be applied to the mindset of all such refugees.

But it begs a question. What are the conditions acceptable for refugees? And before that, how are they to be vetted?

With the threat of infiltration, it isn’t unreasonable to do a massive screening of these people, including a battery of psychological testing, background checks, and whatever else can be done to vet them.  Let’s access how a Libyan national would adjust to the freedoms we enjoy here (it would have to be difficult to move from a rigid society to an almost-anything-goes society.) Culture shock is a real thing.  I haven’t heard what the screening process will be, but can’t imagine it wouldn’t be rigorous.

Then what is the plan to integrate them into society? Where will they live? What will they get? How will they be prepared to live here?

Should we take refugees? Certainly; it’s the American thing to do.  But they’ll need more than just food and shelter. I want to hear more about the plan. If it’s just welcome them in and throw them to the wolves, then for their sake, no don’t take them. But it won’t be like that. Let’s hear what the plan is? Then make a logical decision.

And a side note for those claiming we show solidarity to France, but what about the Russian plane shot down?  Both are terrible, no question. There is a bit of a difference between gangland shooting in a city than a plane brought down; though not to the victims, I’m sure. Part of it is the horror of the France attack. The plane is stunning; the France attack is viscerally terrifying because of the length, coldness and continuing fear it raises. We reach out to those things that punch us in the gut. France did. Russia, sadly, didn’t as much. The other attacks, I hadn’t even heard about. The outcry is fair, though. Why not solidarity for all victims?  If changing a profile pic on Facebook is all you got, then really what difference does it make? Donations, prayers, those to everyone. Please.

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