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Ranting on Taxes Again

September 1, 2015

I’m frustrated with politicians who can’t see (or at least admit) the interconnectedness of government policy. While the webs through entitlement programs, immigration, healthcare and virtually everything else are robust, it’s the tax system that is connected by chains to every policy.

It’s our tax system that is crippling effectivity of American policy.

We collect nothing from illegal immigrants on a federal level. We collect nothing from criminals. We tax, re-tax and re-tax again the same money on the same people. We play an intricate shell game with taxes, hiding them all over the place. We grant loopholes so entities can play slip ‘n slide through the tax code. We pay through the nose for the government to collect and punish people who cheat purposefully or unknowingly, creating an unaccountable and horribly powerful new law enforcement and big brother organization. We discourage business start-ups who can’t afford the taxes. We create an entire industry dependent on us not being able to figure out our taxes by ourselves, or even understand how much we’re paying.

That last one is the kicker. There is no transparency to taxes. The government dips their hands in and out of our pockets so often they should be brought up on molestation charges.

NOTHING can be fixed until taxes have been fixed.

Right now, almost every “dipping” agency is based on income (ridiculous since cash flow is the biggest indicator of need, not income).

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The Fair Tax is the solution. Nothing brings transparency to tax payers like the percentage of sales tax on an item.

The rebate takes care of the poor. Accounting will take a hit, but not a big one; the industry will just be focused on company accounting instead of a large branch in personal taxes.

Then we’ll see the impact of every program, while collecting taxes from criminals and anyone else who buys new items in America.

Cost of Goods Sold plummets, cash flow booms, employment booms, lobbyists are emasculated, costs drop to offset the sales tax.

Do you want a single-payer health system? How will that impact the sales tax? America will know the cost (and it may well be worth it; now? We don’t know).

Need to collect more taxes? Raise the sales tax. If the people don’t like it, they’ll have to drive change.

Where is the downside?

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