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Conspiracy Theory

August 31, 2015

Conspiracy Theories. I love ‘em, believe a few and read about any I can lay my eyes on.

They’re compelling flora on the often drab landscape of real life. JFK, Big Foot, Chem Trails, Vaccines, Lizard Changeling Overlords, Donald Trump’s Hairpiece. Who doesn’t love ‘em?

The question is, why? What stimulates our passion for outlandish theories?

It’s more than just the love of mystery. It’s even more than ardor for story.

I think it’s because, way down deep for some and skin-deep for others, there’s a firm awareness that we don’t have the whole story. Someone, somewhere, isn’t telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Most of the time, we’re so busy running our own lives, we have no time to consider it, but in the quiet moments, the meaning of life alludes many of us.  As a Christian, I know the meaning of life is to know God, which replaces the former question with “God is infinite and complex and my brain isn’t… how do I know God sufficiently?”

At the same time, anyone who’s seen City Slickers knows the meaning of life is just one thing… and you decide what that one thing is. God? Family? Work? Legacy? Doesn’t matter.

But still, for all of us, that mystery remains. What don’t I know?

The question, “Who really shot JFK?” is just a short-hand for “Why am I here?”

A precious few don’t care. They believe the big questions are unanswerable and too big for them. They are right of course. Why pursue something unattainable in this life?  HOPE. The thrill that someday, somehow, we’ll gain a fresh perspective. We may not ever see the cosmic elephant, but that tusk can be known and maybe that trunk…

The ultimate conspiracy is simple: Why me, Lord?

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