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Forget Voices, I Hear Radio

April 28, 2015

One of life’s little mysteries I could do without… I hear radio that may not be there. Thank the Lord Lynette hears it too, so I’m not too concerned for my sanity.

It’s weird. At 6:08 AM every weekday, IF my ear is buried in my pillow, I hear it go off, and either AM 580 or country music is playing, so quietly I can’t make out words. Lynette doesn’t need the pillow to hear it faintly.

No, it’s not Lynette’s or my alarm clock, our noise machine or my teeth fillings (she doesn’t have any). I’ve looked under the bed, in the front room and even the kid’s rooms on the other side of the house. No clock radios.

It makes my mind wander to strange places (okay, stranger placers). Is the vibrational plane between this universe and another thinning and allowing overspill? Is my memory foam remembering a past life? Are the dogs pulling a trick and giggling in their doggy beds? Is it the mark of the beast?

It bugs me, but not as much as it would have in my more—prickly—days.

It’s a mystery.

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  1. May 8, 2015 3:21 pm

    It looks to me like there is a story here. Or should I say hear.

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