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Why Republicans are in Trouble

March 26, 2015

Democrats aren’t evil. They really aren’t (abortion not withstanding).  I think all of politics would be better served if the parties didn’t think the other was evil.

We have different mindsets, though. Forget worldview, it’s our Americaview that is widely divergent, and it’s why Republicans are in trouble.

Democrats believe in helping people. So, believe it or not, do Republicans. How to help is a different matter. Dems have swallowed the Federalist hook. They believe, contrary to the Constitution, that the Federal government should be the means of solution.

Republicans believe, as the Constitution states, that any power not ascribed to the Federal government in the Constitution belongs to the states.  So you’ll hear GOP candidates railing against ACA. They want it repealed!

But they offer not solution in its stead.  Because that’s a governor’s problem.

Republicans need to illuminate the importance of state-centric government. Yes, regulation is important, and Federal government has a guiding role. The strength that can come from this, the importance of electing strong governors, should be the battle cry. And the reduction in Federal taxes enumerated.

Otherwise, the GOP candidates will look weak. An infographic of what Federalism is and how State-ism would change it, plus why it’s better, would go a long way to making this a more even race.

And what are those strengths? 50 experiments running at all times; tailored responses to real problems; targeted needs assessments; ideally, more people helped up, not out; less homogenization. That is what makes America special and unlike other countries (okay, most aren’t big enough for multiple states, but still). Governance innovation times 50. Pretty cool, huh? Obviously, transparency is an issue, as well as a prioritized dashboard with metrics tied to state performance—you know, the anathema of politicians.

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