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Car Insurance, Illogical…

March 25, 2015

Due to an accident that wasn’t our fault, our insurance is still going up. Not horribly, but enough for me to want a few quotes to compare. My lawyer (I feel powerful saying that; he’s also a friend, but “my lawyer” brims with importance), suggested Amica.

So, ok, I call them. A nice lady eventually takes over for the robot voice and asks me if I’m currently insured. Yes, I say. And what’s your coverage? Because I have the Geico bill in front of me, I actually know the answer. 10K/20K (which, I think, is far too low for what I’m paying).

She says, “sorry, I can’t help you. That’s too low.”  I agree, that’s why I want a quote. “No,” she says, “I can’t give you a quote because you don’t have enough coverage currently. We’re a conservative company.”

I tried to make sense of this, as in, why they even care what I have now if I want something new. She couldn’t explain it.

It’s running out if I don’t pay this bill, so if I have no insurance can I get a quote? “Definitely not,” she said.

I’m flummoxed.

Anyone with insurance knowledge able to explain this?

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