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Oscar Who?

February 27, 2015

I mentioned on Facebook that I, again, hadn’t seen any of the films nominated for best picture. A couple of college friends messaged me in outrage that I would be bragging about that. I thought it interesting that they thought I was bragging. Maybe I was, but not because film is “bad.”  Especially after Kayne West’s idiot post bragging about not being a reader. While I do think books are better than film, I wasn’t crowing about being a film snob or plebeian.

No, I was happy that my life is simply too full to accommodate watching “movies of worth.” First, I’d have to watch them alone, and I value my family too much to take much time away from them for movies. I also screen what kind of movies I watch. R-rated movies have things I don’t want to see. Graphic violence isn’t terribly enlightening and graphic sex is so unnecessary (from a what’s-clogging-my-mind perspective and from a it-doesn’t-happen-like-that awareness).

Which is not to say such scenes were in the nominated best. I don’t know because I didn’t see them, hadn’t heard of most of them and couldn’t care less.

I do watch movies. They tend toward the sentimental, because that’s what my family likes, and adventure, which serves as fun escape and because some of my family likes them, too. I will indulge in a disaster movie when possible, admittedly by myself or with my reluctant oldest daughter – they are a personal failing, I admit it. But I STILL haven’t seen Godzilla! (As I post this, it just came from Netflix, so that won’t be true much longer.)

There was a time in my life when I watched anything of suspected quality (and some straight-out trash), because I do appreciate good storytelling. Then I asked myself an important question. Was I enjoying them? No, not really.  Movies that grab my heart or conscience and squeeze them into cynical, gut-ripping vices aren’t enjoyable. I’m a positive person and I like positive movies.

I could watch Birdman or American Sniper or any of the others and extol you on the artistic merit. But of what worth is that? I don’t get those hours back.

Apple Trailers used to be an enjoyable past time. Now I scroll through these bleak, ugly films or stories that delight in the depravity of man, and gag.  I prefer those that extol virtue under tension, or those that offers a solution the depraved. Monster stuff; supernatural horror… no thanks.

And I’m okay with that.

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