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Pot Shots

January 19, 2015

In the mad rush to legalize marijuana, a supposedly harmless vice, its brain-eating component is often glossed over.  Pot literally dissolves portions of the brain devoted to maturity. As in, smoke the wacky weed and stunt your mental maturity for life.

(Already I hear voices of pot-lovers saying, “Hey! I’m not immature, DUDE!”)

And you know, that’s a fair argument. Except it’s not. The wonder weed does not discriminate when dissolving grey matter. After regular experiences of the munchies, not every pot-head is going to be a California Surfer DudeTM.  They won’t all live in their grandmother’s basements, or have a glazed look even when they’re sober.

Immaturity takes many forms. I’m thinking of a guy I used to work with; an executive of an aggressive company. No one would call this guy a slacker. He worked all the time, made obscene amounts of money and treated competition as a game. He didn’t want to just win business from competitors, he wanted to crush them, literally, put them out of business and smash their dreams. Dude brought in a ton of money, but his sense of “fair play” was akin to a 10-year-old real-estate mogul playing Monopoly and cackling when a player went bust. This guy confessed that he went home each night and rode the MJ express to unwind. He was proud of himself that he didn’t use the harder stuff “except on vacation.”

There are many forms of immaturity that if I documented them here, people would disagree with my classification. “Just because these people don’t conform to your idea of a mature adult, doesn’t mean they’re immature.  Some of those guys are the happiest people you’ll ever meet!”

They may be right. But pot does destroy the maturity center, which means poor emotional control, moral slothfulness, stormy relationships and often a dependence on others that is unnecessary.

A mature adult stands on their own two feet, is a productive member of community and society and is capable of strong relationships (you’ll note there are other crippling factors that prevent these qualities, but those tend to be stunted development from abuse).

The machine is at work to make silly smoke legal and there isn’t much I can do to stop it; nor do I think legitimate medical use should be blocked; but does America need to be emotionally stunted any more than it already is?

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