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Republicans Rising – Democrats Moaning

November 8, 2014

It’s been fun, I admit, to watch my liberal friends melting down on Facebook about the Republican ascension.  They predict doom and gloom, guns and God, the poor suffering and minorities expiring.

It would be more fun if I didn’t agree with them, just a touch. With Ben Carson throwing his hat into the presidential ring, I’m excited by a non-politician politician in the White House, someone who wants to actually fix things and not just pretend to want to fix things. But what I do NOT want is a Republican president (no matter how good), a Republican House and a Republican Senate. I’ve little affection for extreme liberals, but balance of power, checks and balances… all good.

And while I’m genuinely thrilled about some of the newly elected congresspeople (the first black Republican woman in Congress? Great, but Mia Love is the first??? How sad), I don’t trust most of them, any more than I trust Reid and the batty old lady. Overreach isn’t only possible, it’s likely.

I’m all for reforming overreach; fix Washington, by all means. We do have some people willing to take on the herculean task, but not enough. Since it’s power-for-the-sake-of-power (al la House of Cards) that needs to go, it’s therefore the vast majority of Congress who need to go. My hope is that the few good ones will make the strategic moves, without being shrill, to envision the populace to elect more new wonders.

I do think things are rampantly wrong in America. Abortion is a holocaust we should be ashamed of. Violence in youth and the disenfranchised must be addressed, as must the plight of the perennial poor. Disease, mental illness, our treatment of veterans… the list goes on.

But first (or alongside) we must fix Congress. The ideal congressperson recognizes the power of media and communications and attempts to change hearts as much as laws. They must be reformers who see broken processes and corrects them. They must NOT look at their opposite party as the enemy, but as a partner with a diverse and challenging viewpoint. They must trust that doing a good job makes them re-electable, not aim every decision at re-election.

One of the big stumbling blocks for voters is the belief that non-politicians won’t know how Congress works. That’s the concern about Carson, too. I think that makes them qualified to recognize stupid processes for what they are. I would LOVE to see one of the freshmen congressindividuals take a documentary crew throughout his/her first term, bringing real transparency to the office.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing series? The camera follows, say, Mia Love, constantly. She narrates bits and pieces so we can get her view. In addition, highlight stories from other freshmen, anonymously, relating attempts at corruption.  Devote some to lobbyist meetings, and reveal the arcane processes of Congress. Educational, entertaining, inspiring and terrifying to the rest of them.

The fact that there is no reality show wrapped around politics is amazing. Every sordid thing our society loves is there in abundance.

So my advice to Republicans: Remember you represent all Americans. Don’t try to make points or ram through an agenda that doesn’t also address the people. Be strategic, honest and open. Advance slowly and carefully.

Oh, and: Vote for Ben Carson!

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  1. kverdeck permalink
    November 17, 2014 4:13 pm

    For your reading pleasure, from a Republican:

  2. November 18, 2014 7:08 pm

    Interesting. I guess the youth have more power than ever; they will determine the next president, not us stuffy old people. Personally, I’d like to have an independent in the White House.

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