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Bring on the Buckets of Flame

August 8, 2014

Facebook provides great fodder for blog posts.  This one will get me flamed, but what the heck, when has that stopped me?

Breastfeeding in public is all the rage, or so Facebook would suggest.  Perhaps it’s true.  I was at a Jersey Mike’s the other day and woman in line whipped out a watermelon from her shirt and offered it to her child—who could walk, I might add.  The guy on the slicer almost lost a finger.

Breastfeeding is Beautiful, goes the battle cry.  Not really, I respond.  I think it can be a beautiful moment between child and mom, but as a public thing?  Not so much.

I’m not one of those types who thinks you shouldn’t feed your kid from the tap in public, but it wouldn’t hurt to be discreet about it.  An attractive shawl, baby blanket, whatever.

You didn’t really think I’d include a picture, did you? What kind of hypocrite do you think I am? (Rhetorical question.)

I’m not scandalized or anything. I just think public displays of affection should be private displays of affection.  No baby should go hungry, and I’m not asking you to charge off to the bathroom (heck, I don’t want to eat there), just don’t draw attention to yourself (okay, sometimes the baby does, smacking like a redneck, but there’s nothing you can do about that, so don’t be embarrassed, and never, ever be ashamed.)

Nor am I one for shaming.  If you think it’s something to shared with the world, or least everyone in Jersey Mike’s, I’m not going to say a word.  Do what you gotta do, let the faucets flow. My head sits on a neck that can swivel away.  I won’t be traumatized or titillated, angry or rude.

I just don’ think it’s beautiful or a thing to be shared beyond the slurping tot.

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  1. dawn permalink
    August 8, 2014 9:22 pm

    I agree with this, and having nursed three, I can say it’s almost always something that can be done discreetly, even without those goofy “tents” well-meaning first-time or super modest mothers try to hide under. I’ve never seen anybody be exhibitionist about it. I’m sure those people exist – my guess is they are the ones actually hoping someone will say something so they can be reactionary. I HAVE seen comments that compare it to urinating in public and condemning breastfed babies to their own homes until they stop that disgusting behavior. So…there’s extremists on both sides, and each make it harder for normal people just going about their lives. I do enjoy the irony in that now-famous cartoon in which a breastfeeding mom is berated while she sits under the Victoria’s Secret sign sporting a barely-covered model, though.

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