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July 2, 2014

(Warning: Not a Humorous Post]

We abhor the perfect.  The Bible says we have enmity for God.  We hate him, his authority, perfection, creativity and goodness.  Even believers struggle with this; our minds and hearts know he is good but our viscera struggles with it.  Part of the fall is our hatred of God and all things holy.

Albert B. was a baby in a psychology experiment.  He was given an electric shock when he saw a white bunny.  Once he was well and truly afraid of bunnies, he was also afraid anything white and fluffy, like Santa Claus, for example.  Generalization is something we humans do. (Albert’s parents took him away from the researchers before he could be de-conditioned.  Pray for that kid who’s now really old…)

We generalize our enmity for God, as well.

Think of the hatred people have, particularly for young, extremely talented performers.  Bieber-bashing is a favorite past-time.  There’s something in me that wants to dislike Hunter Hays and the young, blonde singer I can’t remember the name of.  You’ll see Facebook posts bashing performers out of all proportion.  Because startling creativity is a trait of God.

But no one, NO ONE, comes closer to the attributes of God than a woman.  Childbearing, the most creative act of any human being, the giving of life… enmity towards women.  Misogyny.  And it’s not just men who hate women.  Women do too.  You’ll see that nastiest of sniping woman to woman.

The lifegivers of society remind us too much of God, and so we objectify and suppress them. 

Most of us have long since overcome this enmity in the obvious ways, maybe not so much in the subtle ways.  Our entertainment is overwhelmingly misogynistic in its objectification and violence toward women.  The violent mentally ill and entitled individuals can’t hide it.  Domestic violence, gender-specific insults (the B word is vile, yet so many use it with relish – (I’ll lay odds that Bonnie just thought “and mustard!”)). Abortion, once “horrible but necessary” to “isn’t it great!”  They are making comedies about it now, but what is it really?  Destruction of the life-giving birthright of women.

We have come far in this shameful practice of misogyny, but we have so far to go.  So much of it is unrecognized in our society, by men and women.  If it begins with loving God, we may avoid swinging too far the other way or promoting objectivism as Feminism has.  Let us put enmity away and only despise the things we should (a list that is very short).

Note: The Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision came down after I wrote this and anyone proud of our Supreme Court  is being labeled misogynistic, which is ridiculous.  No one is blocked from their favorite pills, they can pay for them out of their pocket.  No Hobby Lobby employees are complaining as far as I know.  Other forms of contraceptives are provided and no one loses their job if they buy the others out of their own pocket.

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  1. July 5, 2014 5:05 pm

    You were so close. I’m more of a ketchup person.

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