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Sunburn, Make Believe and Human Trafficking

June 30, 2014

For those of you who don’t know, I’m involved in a Human Trafficking Awareness video, which is overstating quite a bit.  The talents and work of Stephen Morgan and Alex Coach dwarf my tiny contribution.  To spur fundraising and further awareness, Stephen shot what we hope will be a viral video with the help of a Full Sail crew and the dancing talent of Noel Romance and dozens of others.

I got to watch a bit of the filming.  Oh how times have changed!

Full Sail graciously let us use their back lot and several students for the shoot.  Great back lot with several settings (and perhaps their logo in too many places, but why quibble?).  I got there about 2/3rds through the shooting.  Good thing, because it was hot.  You could tell it was hot because Stephen looked like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance after a bucket of water was dropped on her.  Wait.  No he didn’t.  More like a cross between Popeye, a boiled lobster and Aquaman after rising from the sea.  Yeah, that’s more like it.Image

It’s a joy to watch Stephen work a set.  He’s very busy, working with teenagers holding hi-def cameras the size of Crackerjack toys.  In my days in the great-way-back-then, cameras were towering monsters that made their dollies groan.  Setting up different shots took all day.  Here (they weren’t really teenagers) they could set up a new shot in minutes.  It was awe inspiring.  Especially when the dancers started spinning on their heads and standing on their hands.  At my age, I’m sensitive to things that cause bald spots and brain damage, but they are young and invulnerable.

And I discovered something.  If you’re old and wandering a set where none of the crew knows you, they assume you’re someone important.  In my day, we kicked people off the set who we didn’t know.  I complimented one of the crew and he lit up like he’d been praised by the Lottery commission. If he only knew.

It was truly impressive.  A shot was set up, a dozen people coordinated, filmed several times and moved to a new location for the last shot of the day in less than thirty minutes.  All joshing aside, there was a lot of talent on display. (Note: In the photo, the dancing talent was under AC while Stephen, the stylish fellow in sweat and red shoes, never saw AC the entire day.  Talk about no pain no gain. And see the camera so small you can’t see it on the right?  Our were the size of the truck.)

Finally, someone asked me who I was.  “Story consultant” I said.  Her eyes got big and she almost genuflected. Translated, what I really said was, “I’m just here to watch.”

Finally, it was a wrap, which means Stephen’s core temperature could be brought down to under 200 degrees and, I hope, quarts of Noxzema would be spread on his tender flesh.  No animals were harmed in the making of this video, but many skin cells were sacrificed.

The day was short and the shots many (35 in 10 hours!  That would have been DAYS when I used to do this.)  It was understood the footage was raw and not as hi-def as they wanted, which was still thousands of times better than what we used to capture on the monster cameras.  Next up will be the editing and sound mixing, which will be done lickity-split with digital equipment.  It will be just as intense as we used to do on the film editor, and much much better, but it will take a fraction of the time. 

When the final cut is available, I’ll post it here, on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Then feel free to spread it around.

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  1. Roxanne permalink
    July 1, 2014 5:22 am

    I remember those days of “the great-way-back-then”. In those days we did use noxzema on sunburn, however, as a fellow fair-skinned redhead, our noxzema on sunburn days, which usually burned more than the sunburn, are over. We have moved on to white vinegar, which removes the heat/burn and aloe to heal the skin. =) It is amazing stuff. Also, Stephen should have been wearing his 100+ sunscreen. It really does work.
    Love reading your posts…praying for the “virality” (yes, I made that up) of this video.

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