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June 19, 2014

Society has a number of pressing issues to resolve.  Some are best addressed by the government – roads, national security to name a couple.  I believe, however, that government should always be the last resort.  It’s become standard thought in the last 50 years that government is, if not the only solution, at least the first stop, as if people can’t be trusted to provide their own response.

To add to this, many of our biggest problems are self-inflicted, and like Pandora’s jar, can’t be stuffed back in.  Our society has changed and continues to change rapidly.  “Old” morality is cast away and the “new morality” is the old sins embraced.

Feminism was a long time coming.  Women had been suppressed in the worst of ways.  The ability to learn and work in any area they wanted is a good and honorable thing.  But lines blurred and the worst of “male freedom” has been adopted by women.  Equal pay is mostly a good concept, though I’d prefer performance pay that honors contribution without regard to gender to be a better route.  The problem is that it wasn’t enough to have freedom, our society has demonized women who choose to stay and work in the home (domestic engineer isn’t the half of it; stay at home moms work more than anyone). Technology (the Internet) has allowed our most base desires to be delivered silently and easily and deviance becomes a protected choice.

In business, new ideas that turn into destructive behavior are discarded for better ideas or a return to the old ideas.  That seems to be what society is missing.

The sexual revolution has been an abysmal failure and as the problems increase, our means of managing it become less effectual and outright immoral.  We abort 4 million babies a year.  STD and HIV continue to spread.  Marriages and relationships break up for a myriad of reasons, many because of the so-called free love movement (okay, no one has called it that in a long time).  The same people who call for gun control blithely rejoice in unrestrained sexual entanglement.  While the number of deaths per year for AIDS is an estimated 20,000 or so is lower than gun deaths by 15,000, millions of people live with AIDS and thousands get infected each year, And 4 million babies die.  But today, monogamy and its cousins chastity and abstinence are sneered at.  The average person today hooks up with as many as 35 partners.  With death and more death possible at every encounter, society still cheers on deadly behavior.  Should the government step in (good luck with that!)?  No, but society should recognize and denounce deadly behavior.  Information campaigns should be shouted from the rooftops.  Which brings us to education.

Why is the Federal government sticking their nose in?  One of the primary benefits of allowing states to make their own decisions is 50 independent testing grounds.  Every state’s sex education could be different; we’d find out rapidly what works and what doesn’t.  Parents should do the most training, but it might not be a bad idea for schools to send some curriculum to the parents and let them choose what to deliver.

Meanwhile, child obesity is as great a problem as child hunger.  The First Lady (a non-elected role) decided the Federal government should force schools to not only provide healthy options, but require students to take a number of healthy foods whether they want them or not.  The incredible waste (as much as 70% for some schools) is appalling.  Much of that waste is even in the reduced-price and free meals.  This is another example of good intentions gone horribly wrong with government control. An informational campaign would be completely acceptable.  Food service companies would even foot the cost.

Sometimes the government is the answer; most times it is not.  We have administrations and legislators whose sole purpose is to make laws.  Let’s make them the last resort.  Let’s let personal responsibility and responsible media become an answer.  Let’s encourage (not force) companies to provide answers.  And finally, let’s turn away from bad behavior and re-embrace morality.


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  1. Roxanne permalink
    June 20, 2014 4:49 am

    Wow! Maybe you should run for office. 😉
    All joking aside, I enjoyed this and agree!

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