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Are These Partisan Issues?

June 13, 2014

Are These Partisan Issues?

I made a drive-by posting on Facebook, meant to be a one-and-done  venting.  It’s up to 400 comments now.  Politics are a big issue made of a bunch of smaller big issues that are interconnected, as that rambling post proved.

I have a lot of conservative and liberal friends.  My liberal nephew believes me to be hard-right Republican, which I’m not.  My GOP friends bemoan Socialism and Communism.  My lib friends defend it or say it doesn’t exist.

Here’s my problem with what others deem socialism, because a current movie states it pretty well.  A tyrant says “when we gave people free choice, they chose badly.”  And let’s face it, the tyrant is right.  Our free choices has put our society into moral freefall. (But freedom still rocks, just sayin’.)

Eschewing labels still, forget socialism.  What I object to is the state taking over my decisions.  When the government assumes my responsibilities, I take exception. If I choose badly, it’s nice to have a safety net, sure, but not one that enables more irresponsible choices.  My ideal government takes over the things too big for me, like infrastructure and defense.  I don’t mind some relief programs, because no one should starve.   These programs should not inspire entitlement thinking though.

We have a lot of government programs with few running well.  Some of those systems really suck mud through their teeth. They were built by committees fraught with differing agendas.

Here’s what I think should happen:  Each program should be reinvented (if still needed) by a team that includes a few post-grad students, some 6 Sigma Blackbelts, and no-one with strong political leanings and no experts in the field.  They should be given as long as they need to learn the program, the requirements and come up with a new system.  This was done by a group of post-grads who were given the assignment to come up with a workable tax system.  “Fix it,” was their real task.  None were economists, though many were math geeks.  They didn’t modify the existing tax system; they said it was broken beyond repair.  They instead came up with the Fair Tax.  So let’s look at some systems that need to be fixed, in no particular order.  These do NOT have to be partisan issues.  True solutions will appeal to all citizens.

Taxes – Fair Tax lends transparency, equity and perhaps a bit too much bureaucracy, but eliminates a vast bureaucracy.

Elections – Make them fair and achievable by eligible candidates.  Get rid of the two party system.  Make every voice heard.  I’d like to see a set limit on funds that can be raised and used; far less than the candidate would want.  Let’s see how they do with a budget.

Welfare and Unemployment – Something that includes training and accountability.  If it doesn’t help move them out of poverty, it doesn’t work.

Immigration – Something that addresses the problem but holds to American principles.  A wall… I don’t think so.

Education (All Education) – The current public system was created prior to the technology revolution.  Let’s find a better way to educate kids, young adults and continuous training for professionals or would-be professionals.  I suspect it will have something to do with revitalizing the library system.  People should hock their souls for an education.

Healthcare – ACA is awful, but at least it was a (bad) attempt.  The right attempt would include removing as much insurance as possible, give choice and responsibility to the person.  I do like Carson’s plan.

Post-Mortality – Dying is ridiculously expensive.  There should be a cheaper alternative.

What systems am I missing?

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  1. Leslie Santamaria permalink
    June 13, 2014 8:17 pm

    Yes. We are here! We are here!

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