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They DON’T Have a Right (or Desire) to Know!

May 15, 2014

Long ago I witnessed an event and was approached by a news reporter and cameraman wanting to interview me about what I saw.   I said no.  This shocked the reporter.

Reporter: You don’t want to be on TV?

Me: Nope.

Reporter: But nobody else saw what happened.

Me: So?

Reporter: The public has a right to know!

Me: Where’d that right come from?

Reporter: The first amendment.

Me: No, that gives us the right to say whatever we want, it doesn’t speak to what the public has a right to hear.

Reporter: One of the amendments does.

Me: No. They don’t.

Reporter: Well, people want to know.

Me: I don’t think they do.  If this doesn’t make the news, no one would miss it. It doesn’t matter to anyone but the people it effects.

Reporter: Look, the people have the right to know.

Me:  This again? Where did you hear that?  That right doesn’t exist.  If they NEED to know, sure, they have the right, but simple, morbid curiosity?  Nope.

It’s decades later and that reporter is probably laughing at me.  The right doesn’t exist, but the morbid curiosity does, and it’s sad.

Celebrity and politician lives are laid bare.  Who is sleeping with who is now news.  People love scandal and they love flouting morality in public.  “See? I’m progressive and radical because I approve of immoral and that’s none of my business!”

The Bible has a lot to say about morbid curiosity and gossip, defining gossip as speaking about something you are not a part of.  Telling tales that don’t help.  Besmirching someone’s character with people who don’t even know that person.

We come by it honestly, I think.  When I grew up, news was a couple hours a day from 3 stations.  Now news is 24 hours a day on a bazillion channels.   Facebook (and blogs–hi, Mom!) encourage us to share things that are no one’s business.  

That reporter was shocked because I didn’t want to be on TV and in her experience EVERYONE wants to be on TV.   In my experience I have never heard a reported story I had personal knowledge of being in any way accurate.  I suspect few are.  It’s sad really. The people have a right to know… nothing real.

I have been peripherally aware of a sad grasping for relevance by a man who, if I didn’t respect at least I thought well of, trying his grievance in the public ear because he doesn’t like the answer of people I DO respect who said he had no case.  I’ve been wronged, and other than to a few who I ask to hold me accountable, I haven’t made a federal case out of it. Because it cheapens me.  It could be that’s why I left theater, which can be a grasping for vain importance.

Without meaning to be rude, I think everyone should mind their own business and share theirs with people who can be part of the solution and no one else.

But that’s just my opinion and you don’t really need to know that, do you?

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