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Eschewing Labels

April 30, 2014

We should know better, shouldn’t we?  It’s our human inclination to categorize and order things, but with beings as complex as humans, we shouldn’t label each other or take on our own labels.

My “liberal” friends demonize me as a conservative.  Oddly, my “conservative” friends tell me I’m far too liberal.

Well excuse me for not fitting into your buckets.

Labels are a short cut for thought.  In my Facebook experiment I wanted to see if my friends who span the political spectrum could hold civil discourse.  Those who chose to enter the fray did so with class and e’lan as far as I’m concerned.  Oddly, the most vocal people on the thread that started the experiment chose not to comment in the experiment posts.  And that original post was a hoot.  Two people I know well argued right past each other.  There were times I was wondering if they read each other’s posts at all.

That’s the problem with labels.  My nephew wasn’t arguing with Mike, he was arguing with all conservatives, or at least what he thought all conservatives believed.  Meanwhile, Mike was shouting back, assuming things about my nephew that weren’t accurate and arguing them anyway.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t adhere to a list of conservative points.  I don’t draw a line and play tug-a-war to pull someone to my side.  It’s unproductive.   To prove that, look at Congress.  We have persistent problems with poverty, immigration and a bunch of other things.  For two centuries!  Clearly, partisanship doesn’t work.  While I confront the horrible impacts of Obamacare at work everyday, at least he did something.  More than most politicians can say.  OK, it’s reclassified 10,000 people at my company so they can’t get insurance through work and have to go to the exchange and pay a lot for bad insurance, and our hospital clients are cutting way back on quality of life services (that my company supplies), still, even if it needs to be dismantled, it was a change that may inspire more change (like Obama himself, who I think is the worst of presidents, BUT, the race issue has been broken, so maybe we can field a more diverse set of politicians… Ben Carson anyone?).

As of today, I am no longer a conservative.  While I won’t accept it as a label, consider me a “solutionist.”   I will work toward solving a problem, not debating old problems endlessly.   This may change my blogging, it may not.  Doesn’t mean I can’t find flaws in things, just that I have to offer solutions as well.  I won’t assume someone’s position on something, I’ll ask what it is.  My views will remain sharp and well-considered, but if you can show me I’m wrong, I’ll be willing to re-examine and change it if necessary.

Join the revolution!

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  1. May 2, 2014 2:38 pm

    My first thought when I read your title here was to say, “God bless you” because eschew sounds like achoo. i think I’ll go with my initial impulse. God bless you as you throw off labels, listen, formulate opinions, and offer solutions, all the while encouraging civil discourse. Are you sure you don’t want to run for office?

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