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Feeling a Bit Guilty

April 19, 2014

I think both my wife and I are.  Feeling guilty, that is.  We love Jesus, we really do, but holidays, not so much.  Easter is an odd holiday and we just can’t find ourselves in it.  I like to think we celebrate the resurrection every day.  But the usual trappings of Easter leave us confused.  Coloring eggs?  Thank you, Lord, that our kids have aged past that.  Chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs… I love chocolate but in smaller bites please.  Never been a big ham person (well, I can be a ham, but I prefer the food kind on pizza, not a large chunk on the table).  And I’ve never been into dressing up.

So, this Easter my wife will be studying, I’ll be writing a screenplay and we decided we’d try to eat something FUN!  Because Good Friday is a gloomy day, but the Resurrection?  That’s joy, fun, sizzle!

But what’s “fun” food?  We thought is should be something that rises….  That would be bread, yeah?  Keep the ham and it becomes a pizza day.  I’d prefer fondue, which I think is the most fun food imaginable (nachos are pretty festive, too… hmmm).

So, Joyful Easter.  We’re inviting Jesus over for pizza.  You enjoy it whatever way delights you!


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