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April 15, 2014

Let’s talk about subs.  Not the water kind, but the edible kind.

I admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to subs (my wife would say “picky”).  They gotta be good and not cost a fortune.

What is “good” though?  It starts with the bread.  I don’t want Wonder Bread for a sub.  Soft, squishy doesn’t do it for me.  Thus Subway stinks. 

Meats and cheese has to be fresh or almost fresh.  No sitting in a tray all day (so again, Subway stinks).

Toppings can be basic.  I don’t need diced maraschino fagraw on a sub.  I don’t care if you have them, mind you, but they should be fresh, green things should be green not brown, and not too juicy.  Again, say it with me, Subway stinks.

In my younger years there were amazing places like Gilly’s Subs and Hoagy’s Corner.  Down this way, though, there are only a few contenders for great subs.

That local place by Edgewater High School, whose name escapes me.  They don’t qualify.  Great subs, two locations, the availability just isn’t there.  Subway is everywhere, but they stink.  That leaves:

Publix: One of the best, bar none.  Several breads that are good, the traditional Italian and the multi-grain are the perfect upper and lower.  Fresh meat and condiments (their lettuce is never brown… a cardinal sin in my catechism).  Not too pricey.    A++

Jersey Mike’s:  Also great for the above reasons.  They also got me into oil and vinegar on a sub.  Decent price, often too much of a sub, so I get the mini and feel embarrassed ordering it.  A++

Jimmy Johns: This place is weird.  Their claim to fame is subs FAST.  Bread is good, cheese is extra… it’s a good light sub that costs as much as the heavier Mike’s and Publix.  But I like them.  Despite the high price and light sub, it’s still an A or maybe a high B.

Fire House Subs: This makes the list only because it was started by firemen.  How can you ding that?  Never my first choice for subs.  Bread is soft, the meat is steamed?!  Not mine, thank you.  Good variety, friendly workers, those sucky drink machines that offer a 1000 flavors, but the 4 mainstays never mix right.  Low B or high C.  They do offer a pickle slice, though, so that’s good.

Quiznos: Expensive, light, but I want to like it more.  I like the toasted sub.  Still, I don’t go there, so it’s a C.

Las Spadas: This makes the list despite a single location because they are phenomenal.   Best Philly Cheesesteak out there.  Dumb name because it isn’t Spanish or Italian or whatever.  It’s the best kept secret on Lee Road. A++

And that brings us back to Publix.  Because Publix not only has fantastic cold subs, they do a great hot sub AND they do a pressed sub.  Their Philly can’t match Las Spadas, but it’s great nonetheless.  Jersey Mike’s hot subs are awful.  I thought it was just me, but a co-worker had one and hated it, never to go back again.

I’ll admit that Jersey Mike’s gets the most of my lunch money, not Publix, because I like to eat in and Publix has no tables.  Publix has great hot subs, but I don’t take hot subs home very often because then they’re just lukewarm subs.

I like subs, but don’t make them at home.  Sammich, yes, sub, no.  Maybe it’s the bread.  Can’t find a decent sub roll that beats Sourdough. 

What’s your take?

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  1. April 15, 2014 8:12 pm

    I love Subway. Publix is good but too much stuff on it making it too messy for my dainty fingers. The Subway by Sports Authority is the best around us in my opinion and is on the way home from the 434/436 corner where I am always having to go for something, especially Costco. Hum, maybe Costco should start offering subs.

  2. April 15, 2014 9:17 pm

    There, you just saved me from getting sued by Subway. They can’t come after me if you’ve praised it in the same post, right? I could say my slam directly resulted in praise. Go team!

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