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I LOVE This Kind of News Story!

April 14, 2014

Swiss police arrested a man who had walked through CERN’s security.  The charge?  Sabotage.  He was found rooting around in bins, looking for, he said, fuel for his time machine, an odd blender looking contraption.  Seems he’d come back to prevent the discovery of the Higgs-Bosun particle, which, he said, made energy and Kit Kat bars free for all and he wanted to stop the communist, chocoaholic society that was to arise.  The police noticed he was oddly dressed in a bow tie and too much tweed.  Taking him for a loon, they locked him up.  When they went back to check on him, he had disappeared from his cell.  The police were not surprised.  He’d gotten through CERN security, what was a locked cell to such a fellow?

Maybe it was a spoof.  Probably it was. But don’t you just love it?  Cue the Twilight Zone music…

No doubt a late April Fool’s joke, but it doesn’t matter.  I live for this sort of thing…

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